New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Ling on one of
the bottom-fishing trips
on the party boat
Point Pleasant Beach,
on the ocean.
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A few cod came in.
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Another ling. The fishing
was slow, and the ocean
was 38 to 40 degrees, not
overly cold, and not warm.
The temp was normal
for late winter. The boat
is one of the only, if
not the only, that's slated
to fish daily from New Jersey
throughout winter each year.
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That is a large
From one of the trips
in the Florida Keys that
from Keyport, N.J.,
was running in winter.
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Close call.
Good thing the
cooler was checked.
Anglers know bananas
are bad luck on the boat.
These were kept
from being brought aboard.
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Another cuda.
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George Horvath
from Trenton released
this 8-1/4-inch bluegill
that bit on March 10 on
his first cast at
Carnegie Lake on a trip.
No other fish hit
the rest of the outing
in the 40.8-degree water.
Still too cold for
good fishing in Jersey,
he said. He saw
a gizzard shad released.
George was apparently
back fishing. Now it's a season.

Cod on the
party boat Captain Al,
Point Lookout,
Long Island, N.Y.,
on March 3.
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Captain Al.

The fishing picked
good-sized and small
in deeper water
farther from shore.
Get after them
before they migrate
Trips were now
fishing every Saturday
and Sunday, after
also sailing Fridays
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Captain Al.

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