New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Big summer flounder
or fluke seemed to begin
getting caught more often,
like can happen in
August. This was a
10.3-pound 29-1/4-incher
that was brought to
Sea Isle Bait & Tackle,
Sea Isle City,
and was boated on the
ocean on a minnow.
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This shot of a wahoo
was shared on the
store’s Facebook page
and was landed on
a charter boat on
tackle from the shop.
The trip caught the ‘hoo,
a good-sized one, a bluefin
tuna and two yellowfin tuna.
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Speaking of big flounder:
That's an 11-7/8-pound
30-1/2-incher that was
checked-in at One Stop
Bait & Tackle, Atlantic City,
in August and won first place
for the biggest in the
Southen Region
in the Jersey Coast
Anglers Association's fluke
The Southern Region included
Great Bay, Atlantic City,
Ocean City, Cape May and
Fortescue. Only a 12-pounder,
entered at Sandy Hook,
was bigger in the event.
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A fight in the surf
at Brigantine. This shot
and the next two are
from Riptide Bait & Tackle
in the town.
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The angler was
fighting this ray
that was released.
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The rays are big
and, of course, common
in the surf in summer.
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Fluke from a trip
that Dave Tronieri
and Randy Pizzo
took on the ocean
on the party boat
Jamaica II, Brielle.
Photo from Dave.
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Porgies, triggerfish
and limits of sea bass
were plowed with
Sour Kraut Sportfishing,
Leonardo, in August.
That’s one of the
sea bass, left, and
one of the porgies.
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One of the triggers.
Now that one blackfish
could be kept per angler,
Sour Kraut expected
to target them, too.
Anglers left with
plenty of fillets,
Sour Kraut said.
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Fluking on the
Vitamin Sea, Keyport.
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The trips now
fluked at rough bottom.
Anglers who could
fish jigs along that
bottom without getting
hung up all day
could usually limit out,
Vitamin Sea reported.
Sea bass were
also hooked.
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Charters and open-boat trips
fished. Telephone to reserve.
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