New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Ocean wreck -fishing
on the party boat
Jamaica II, Brielle.
Above, a white hake,
left, and a cod.
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Ling during the
fishing. The trips
targeted ling and cod.
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The boat also ran
blackfish trips.
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That’s actually
a 12-pound blackfish
on the party boat
Norma-K III,
Point Pleasant Beach.
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Another sizable
on the trip.
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A 10-pounder
on another trip aboard.
This time of year,
when the ocean’s
becoming cold,
is when big
are usually mixed in.
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A steelhead from
upstate New York with
Jay Peck Guide Service.
Weather had warmed
a moment, obviously.
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Jay Peck.

Good blackfishing
was clobbered on Dec. 26
on South Jersey’s Stray Cat
from Longport in
90 feet of water,
compared with 70-foot
depths the boat
fished previously.
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The fish, sizable,
bit the whole time
and included ones
weighing 6, 8 and 10
pounds. Stray Cat
was going to try running
open-boat trips for them
on Dec. 30 and
New Year’s Eve Day,
if weather was fishable.
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Last Lady Fishing Charters,
Neptune, jumped on good
blackfishing, too, on an
individual-reservation trip
for them on Dec. 27.
Spaces were available
for an individual-reservation
trip for sea bass, cod,
pollock and ling on
New Year’s Eve Day.
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Fishing Charters'

Cod bit
for trips on the
party boat
Captain Al from Point Lookout,
Long Island, N.Y.! These two
shots were from two
trips in a row that
nailed them during
Christmas week.
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Captain Al.

Get on them.
The ocean was 46 degrees
on the fishing grounds,
and 42 to 46 is ideal.
The boat is this site’s
closest to N.J. that fishes
for cod daily each winter.
See more about
Captain Al.

Offshore, overnight trips
for jumbo sea bass
were sailing every day
on the party boat
Point Pleasant Beach,
until sea bass season
would close beginning
on New Year’s Day.
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This beautiful, 8-pound
purple hake
won the pool
on this trip.
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Last chance
at tasty sea bass.
Reservations are required.
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That’s a largemouth bass
from the ice in upstate
N.Y.’s Adirondack Mountains.
Photo was shared
on’s Facebook page.
Warmer weather and rain
during Christmas weekend
halted some freezing,
but lots of ice-fishing
was still happening.
The northern end
of Schroon Lake held 4 to
6 inches with a sketchy
shoreline the day after
Christmas. FISH307 is both
an online store and a
brick-and-mortar one,
located at the southern
entrance to the mountains.

Heading to the Pacific.
Capt. Dave Showell
from Absecon Bay Sportsman
Center, Absecon, N.J., was in
for the holidays to
visit family, and he also
fished with Parlama Sportfishing,
an outfit he’s associated with.
First the trip fished
for a couple of cero
mackerel for dinner.
Then the trip headed
farther from shore
for dorado or mahi mahi
and maybe sailfish.
See more about
Parlama Sportfishing.

Score! Got one.
A dorado from the trip.
The blue water
was much nicer
than the Atlantic
off New Jersey right now,
Dave said. Head down yourself!
***Watch a video***
***from the trip.***

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