New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Some of the fluke
from party boats
in late summer.

Above, the Atlantic Star,
Atlantic Highlands.
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The boat fished
for them on two
half-day trips daily.
Currently the trips
worked the ocean or,
when weather was too
rough on the ocean,
Raritan Bay.
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The party boat Fishermen,
also from Atlantic Highlands,
sailed on one longer
trip daily
for the flatfish.
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Its trips hunted
the ocean.
The longer trip
enabled that.
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The party boat
Miss Barnegat Light’s
fluking fished the
ocean farther south,
out of Barnegat Light.
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Those trips ran
once daily at 8 a.m. for 5 hours,
a little longer than
the Atlantic Star’s trips,
and a little shorter
than the Fishermen’s.
Factors that determine
the length of a
boat’s trips include
where the captain
wants to fish, like
on the bay or ocean,
and how near the
boat is docked
to that location. The
Miss Barnegat Light
is docked near Barnegat
Inlet, close to the ocean.
The other two boats
are docked on
the bay, farther from the ocean.
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A trip for mahi mahi ...
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... boxed a bunch
on the Heavy Hitter, Cape May.
Telephone if interested
in that fishing or, closer
to shore at 5-Fathom Bank,
trolling for bluefish and bonito.
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A bluefin tuna. Photo from
Absecon Bay Sportsman
Center, Absecon. The shop
carried spots to liveline
for tuna and could obtain
other bait like live peanut
bunker for the fishing.
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Sportsman Center's

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