New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Striped bass trips
fished the ocean throughout
Thanksgving weekend
with Jersey Cape Guide
Service, Sea Isle City.
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The trips jigged
and trolled six
to 15 stripers apiece.
The fish ranged from
20 inches to big
or 45 inches, a variety
of sizes, and that was
unusual but seemed healthy
for the population. All
different baitfish schooled
including bunker, herring and
and smaller bait including
bay anchovies and sand eels.
That seemed healthy, too.
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Only stripers, no bluefish,
were seen, though in years
past blues were mixed in.
The striper fishing was
good, and who knew how
long it would last? The fish,
of course, were beating
south to spend winter
in warmer water.
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Bob Fox
decked this 22-pound cod
on a trip for sea bass
that sailed overnight
from Point Pleasant,
he said. Photo from him.
Great catch!

on the party boat
Atlantic Star,
Atlantic Highlands,
in November.
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Trips fished
for them daily.
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Black Friday
began cold on the ocean
on a trip for striped bass
on the party boat
Miss Barnegat Light.
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Thanksgiving was the coldest
day, a record-setting one,
only reaching 30 degrees.
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That Saturday was
the best day of the fishing.
A storm that night left
a big swell the next day.
Trips would fish for stripers the next
Friday through Sunday, and the
crew would decide the future
schedule after seeing the results.
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