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Offseason Report

Report from Tuesday, March 31.

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The report covers out-of-state saltwater fishing
from late fall through winter, New Jersey’s off-season.


Fishing was good, and a bunch of mahi mahi bit offshore, said Capt. Bruce Andersen from Captain Easy Charters. Some really big king mackerel, to 30 pounds, were tackled. That was closer to shore, just beyond the reef, a few miles from port. Trips also deep-dropped for catches including snappers and groupers. That happens 8 to 11 miles from port, where bait like squid is dropped to bottom in 400 to 750 feet of water. Those catches included a 30-pound yellowedge grouper. One of the daytime swordfishing trips sailed Monday, and catching a sword is never a guarantee, and none was caught. But plenty of mahi mahi to 20 pounds were, and a good-sized longfin mako shark, the protected species, bit, and was fought to the boat and released. Photos were posted on Captain Easy’s Facebook page. The sword trips are fascinating, because of the angling during daytime, instead of the usual nighttime fishing for them. To hook the light-sensitive swords, the trips fish baits along bottom, in 1,500-foot depths. That’s 25 miles off Islamorada. The trips can only sail when wind and current are calm, so the depths can be fished. That makes summer the best season for the fishing. But two of the trips fished previously this year, in February, and caught swords, covered in a previous report. In winter like that, conditions allow the angling 50 percent of the time. In summer, 70 percent of the swordfishing trips catch the fish. The daytime swording is some of Bruce’s favorite fishing. Call: 305-451-9578 or 305-360-2120. Visit Website.