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Report from Tuesday, April 1.

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The report will resume in winter.

Fishing was good with Captain Easy Charters, Capt. Bruce Andersen said. Every day was different, of course, he said. But more mahi mahi started to show up than before, and the season was early for them. Anglers couldn’t expect to find them every day, but more of the dolphin were around, for sure. Big sharks, like 800-pound tigers, hammerheads and duskies, swarmed absolutely thick at the Islamorada Hump. The sharking is fishing that Bruce would like to do more, because it’s incredible this time of year. Customers often “want to just go fishing,” he said. But anglers should take advantage. Amberjacks gathered at the hump, but fishing through the sharks was difficult. The Islamorada Hump is an underwater dome, 11 miles from shore, rising 290 feet from bottom, in 600 feet of waters. Bruce would also like to do more swordfishing that also becomes awesome this season. A trip was headed out for that today with him. The swords, including large, are targeted during daytime, unlike during night that’s common in the Northeast. During daytime, the light-sensitive fish are hooked in very deep waters, like 1,500 feet, along bottom. Captain Easy’s been taking advantage of the angling the past few years. Wahoos and king mackerel were trolled on livelined baits closer to shore, along the offshore edge of the reef, a few miles from port. Sometimes cobias swiped the baits during the trolling. On the reef, bottom-fishing piled up lots of yellow snappers, big ones, when conditions were right. Call: 305-451-9578 or 305-360-2120. Visit Website.

Some of the traveling charters to the Florida Keys fished this weekend with Capt. Joe Hughes from Jersey Cape Guide Service from Sea Isle City, N.J., he said. The anglers, John Martin and Steve Lusky, tugged-in jacks to 10 pounds, speckled sea trout and snappers, and pulled the hook on a tarpon. Weather was off, was windy especially in mornings, and the trips fished close to port at Islamorada, instead of traveling to the Everglades or elsewhere. Weather was pleasant in afternoons, though, and was warm and calm most of this year. Joe offers the trips each year from Christmas until Easter. At Easter, he’ll trailer his flats boat back home to New Jersey, and concentrate on charters there, until kicking off the Florida fishing again in winter. Visit Website. Call: 609-827-3442.