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Offseason Fishing Report 1-17-17


Point Lookout

Daily trips for cod fished the past couple of days, had the weather to sail, and the angling was kind of slow, scoring a few of the fish, on the party boat Captain Al, Capt. Tom Weiss said. The trips fished in 70- to 130-foot depths, and conditions weren’t bad for the angling. Weather was beautiful on the ocean on yesterday’s trip. The water’s been 42 degrees, getting somewhat cold, but still an okay temperature for cod fishing. A better catch of cod was nailed Friday aboard. The ocean held a good-sized swell that day, keeping fish from biting in shallower water close to shore. So the trip headed deeper, farther from shore, finding an area in 85 to 100 feet that gave up cod. Dogfish, ocean pout and blackfish, out-of-season in New York, also bit on the trips. The boat is this website’s only that sails for cod daily this season. The trips are running 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., and don’t delay going, because this is the peak time of year for the fishing. Though the angling was slower the past couple of days, Tom hopes something changes and the fishing kicks back in. See More Info. Call: 516-623-2248.


Virginia Beach

Many anglers telephoned Virginia Beach Fishing Center to ask about rockfish or striped bass, a report said on the marina’s website. But no stripers biting were heard about from the local ocean. “In fact,” the report said, “we have not heard of anyone catching any keepers since the closure of the bay season.” Striper season was closed beginning January 1 in Chesapeake Bay, and the fish were sometimes bagged there previously. Striper fishing used to be tremendous on the ocean off Virginia in winter. In recent years, the fish schooled beyond 3 miles from shore, where fishing for them is closed, but not within 3, where the angling is open. The fish migrate to Virginia from the entire Northeast to spend winter. Blackfish were boated in the local ocean and on Chesapeake Bay. In the bay, the tautog bit along wrecks and the bridge-tunnel. Farther from shore on the ocean, boaters deep-dropped blueline tilefish and a few golden tiles. Visit Website.


Oregon Inlet

Hopefully, bluefin tuna are on the way to the local coast, and great catches of them will be made soon, <b>Oregon Inlet Fishing Center</b>’s Facebook page said Saturday. The fish usually arrive before long, and when they do, reports about the angling are posted frequently on the marina’s website. The most recent report about any fishing was posted on Dec. 28 on the site. Visit Website.


Yellowfin tuna showed up in a big way, a report said Wednesday on Teach’s Lair Marina’s website. Charter boats began catching the tuna to 35 pounds in the previous days, and also decked mahi mahi sometimes. Anglers from the marina this week smoked blackfin tuna, yellowfins and mahi, good catches, the next report from the marina said, posted yesterday. The fish can show up all winter, and bluefin tuna might appear in the area shortly. Pick your favorite captain, and go catch! the report said. Visit Website.

Atlantic Beach

No bluefin tuna were docked the past couple of days at Captain Stacy Fishing Center</b>, but a few were last week, Terry Willis from the marina said. She was unsure about size, but guessed they weighed 200 or 300 pounds. Sometimes they might’ve weighed more this season, like a 300- to 400-pounder shown on Captain Stacy’s Facebook page in a photo posted on Jan. 3. That fish was mentioned here in last week’s report. Visit Website.



Mike Spaeder and son this weekend fished on traveling charters to the Florida Keys with Capt. Joe Hughes from Jersey Cape Guide Service, Sea Isle City, N.J., Joe said. On Saturday they smashed jacks, mangrove snappers and a 17-pound permit. That was Mike’s first permit, and on Sunday the anglers beat jacks, mangroves, mutton snappers and a shark, and jumped a tarpon. The plan was to do more sight-fishing that day for sharks and tarpon, but clouds and wind made that difficult. Still, the trips caught a ton of fish, and fishing for permit and tarpon has been good aboard this season, like it was last year. The trips fish the Keys each winter, mostly on weekends, until Easter, before Joe turns all attention back on fishing from Sea Isle City, after the holiday.  See the traveling charters’ page on Jersey Cape’s website.  Keep up with Joe’s fishing on Jersey Cape’s Blog. Call: 609-827-3442.

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