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New Jersey Offshsore Saltwater Fishing Report 10-20-17

<b>Sandy Hook</b>

Capt. Joe from <b>Sour Kraut Sportfishing</b> from Leonardo was gearing up to fish for tuna today, he said. He heard no first-hand tuna reports the past few days and just read reports from well-known boats like Canyon Runner and party boats like Gambler recently. Earlier in the week, Joe said scattered tuna catches were reported from offshore canyons.

<b>Shark River Inlet</b>

<b>XTC Sportfishing</b> from Belmar had the weather to fish once last week, Capt. Scott said. That trip fished inshore, tackling bonito, small and large bluefish, porgies and winter flounder. But weather improved now, and the boat is still fishing offshore for tuna this season.

Tuna fishing was canceled because of weather last weekend on the <b>Katie H</b> from Belmar, Capt. Mike said. A charter was slated for last Friday to Saturday, and was given the option to fish Saturday to Sunday or Sunday to Monday instead. But that was weathered out, too. Weather improved later this week, and tuna trips are scheduled for the next weekends.

The year’s final tuna fishing sailed Sunday to Monday on the <b>Golden Eagle</b>, a report said on the party boat’s website. One large yellowfin tuna was bagged, and a few yellowfins and a swordfish were lost. “Everybody tried hard,” it said, but weather was rough, “and the fish didn’t cooperate like they should have.”

<b>Manasquan Inlet</b>

Weather was tough for offshore fishing last week, said Alex from <b>The Reel Seat</b> in Brielle on Sunday. Weather improved since, but the only report he heard about offshore previously was from a charter boat that went 6 for 10 on tuna. The fish were yellowfins 60 to 70 pounds, and all the bites were at night on the chunk. Alex was unsure about location but figured almost certainly Hudson Canyon. False albacore swam the ocean from Sandy Hook to Sea Bright. Surf anglers also ran into the albies there.

Every one of <b>Mushin Sportfishing</b> from Point Pleasant Beach’s offshore trips for tuna was weathered out last week, Capt. Alan wrote in an email. Charters and a limited number of open-boat trips are fishing.

A trip fished offshore Saturday to Sunday on the <b>Gambler</b> from Point Pleasant Beach at “deep canyon waters,” a report said on the party boat’s website. A few tuna, some swordfish and plenty of mahi mahi were bonked. At night, four swords were cranked in. Between 5 and 8 a.m., a few longfin tuna 50 to 65 pounds and a couple of 70-pound yellowfin tuna were decked. After 9 a.m., the trip began fishing “surface gear” for mahi mahi, landing a good catch of them. Another one of the trips was headed out Monday. <a href=" http://www.gamblerfishing.net/offshoretrips.php" target="_blank">Tuna trips</a> are scheduled until mid-November. The fishing seems set to give up tuna until late in the season, and the fish should be caught into the final trips, the report said. The schedule of <a href="http://www.gamblerfishing.net/offshore-sea-bass.php" target="_blank"> offshore sea bass trips</a> has been posted for late December on the vessel’s website.

<b>Barnegat Inlet</b>

No tuna trips sailed in a week on the <b>Tuna-Tic</b> from Forked River because of weather, Capt. Mike said. He’d try to resume the trips now in better weather.

A 30-hour trip sailed for tuna Saturday to Sunday on the <b>Miss Barnegat Light</b>, the party boat’s website and Facebook page said. A good number of mahi mahi were axed Saturday afternoon at lobster-pot buoys on the outing. “Some pots were duds and others were studs,” it said. At night, the boat was drifted off the Continental Shelf in 200 fathoms. Swordfish gave up some action the first half of the night. Three swords to 175 pounds were kept, and three small were released. Also at night, a 175-pound bigeye tuna and a 70-pound yellowfin tuna were bagged, and a few tuna runoffs were missed. At daybreak, tuna were marked, but no takers. Bait that was fished included live spots and squid, fresh squid and frozen sardines and butterfish. Jigs were also fished.  <a href="http://www.missbarnegatlight.com/TunaFishing.html" target="_blank">Tuna trips</a> are fishing throughout the month, and telephone to reserve.

<b>Townsend’s Inlet</b>

A couple of trips headed offshore Wednesday to Thursday, and one was heard back from, said Mike from <b>Sea Isle Bait & Tackle</b> in Sea Isle City. The trip docked a mako shark heavier than 200 pounds, a swordfish heavier than 100 and a good number of mahi mahi. The trip caught no tuna, but there was lots of life.

<b>Cape May Inlet</b>

Nothing was heard about tuna or offshore fishing, said Nick from <b>Hands Too Bait & Tackle</b> in Cape May.

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