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New Jersey Offshore Fishing Report 9-29-17

<b>Sandy Hook</b>

No fishing sailed in past days because of weather with <b>Sour Kraut Sportfishing</b> from Leonardo, Capt. Joe said. But he’s supposed to fish for tuna at Hudson Canyon on Sunday to Monday on a friend’s boat. He heard that bonito were decked just offshore of the Farms.

<b>Shark River Inlet</b>

Tuna bit for a good 3 hours on a trip Monday to Tuesday on the <b>Golden Eagle</b> from Belmar, a report said on the party boat’s website. About 20 big yellowfin tuna to 100 pounds and a couple of longfin tuna were landed. So was a swordfish, and this was a very good tuna trip, it said. Some mahi mahi were pasted, but mahi fishing wasn’t so good. Lots more mahi were seen. Spaces are available for <a href="" target="_blank">tuna trips</a> this month, including one on Sunday to Monday, and reserve them. When no tuna trip is sailing, the boat is fishing for bluefish, chub mackerel, bonito and false albacore.

A tuna trip is supposed to fish the canyons overnight this weekend with <b>XTC Sportfishing</b> from Belmar, Capt. Scott said. No trips fished recently aboard because of weather. The most recent trip sailed for bonito and false albacore, cleaning up on them two weekends ago.

<b>Manasquan Inlet</b>

The last few tuna trips offshore were weathered out with <b>Mushin Sportfishing</b> from Point Pleasant Beach, Capt. Alan wrote in an email early in the week. But the boat fished inshore, consistently trolling bonito at lumps and along the edge of the Mudhole on small spoons. He looked forward to weather clearing, after Hurricane Maria this week, and to good tuna fishing throughout the month.

Hurricane José passed offshore last week, keeping seas rough and boats docked, Eric from <b>The Reel Seat</b> in Brielle said Sunday in a phone call. Some boats departed for tuna fishing overnight Saturday to Sunday, and he was waiting to hear results. False albacore, bonito and bluefish were party-boated on the ocean at the same spots where they’ve been, at the Mudhole, Little Italy “and up into the reef and stuff,” he said.

Was tough to get weather to sail lately, but an “exotics” trip fished 40 miles from shore Monday on the party boat <b>Gambler</b> from Point Pleasant Beach, a report said on the party boat’s website. Pretty good jigging for bluefin tuna 20 to 50 pounds and false albacore was run into. “Unfortunately, we had to release all but a couple of the bluefin …,” it said.  Mahi mahi to 8 pounds and chub mackerel were also caught. “Lots of life out there,” it said. Tuna fishing offshore was weathered out Wednesday but is expected to sail this weekend aboard. <a href="" target="_blank">Tuna trips</a> are fishing into November, and reserve them. They do fill.

<b>Barnegat Light</b>

The <b>Super Chic</b> from Barnegat Light’s been docked because of weather for almost two weeks, Capt. Ted said. But an open-boat, 30-hour tuna trip is slated to depart at 8 a.m. Saturday, and some spaces were available. Charters fill the schedule afterward. Striped bass charters will begin during the first week of November.

The party boat <b>Miss Barnegat Light</b> is supposed to fish for tuna at canyons on a trip Saturday to Sunday, a report said on the party boat’s website. Two trips for that were weathered out last Friday and Saturday. <a href="" target="_blank">Tuna trips</a>, limited to 25 passengers, are fishing throughout the month, and telephone to reserve.

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