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New Jersey Offshore Fishing Report 9-21-18

<b>Sandy Hook</b>

Wonder whether mahi mahi remained after the stormy weather? Twenty-eight of the fish, not big, were landed with <b>Manicsportfishing</b> from Keyport on Sunday in 100 to 200 feet of water, Capt. Greg said. That was on livelined peanut bunker and cast Tsunami swim shads. The ocean on the grounds was decent-looking, green and blue but not clear. The water was 78 degrees, still warm. The trip ran into no false albacore or bonito. Bigger mahi were heard about on the radio from a couple of trips that day but too far to the southeast for Manic’s trip to head there. A big hammerhead shark, probably 12 feet, was seen on the trip along the water surface but refused to bite. That was the first trip to fish with Manic in some time, because of weather. The next mahi trip was slated for this coming Sunday aboard. Inshore trips were fishing in the meantime.

Twenty-five mahi mahi and a few false albacore and bonito were beaten Monday at the middle grounds with <b>Sour Kraut Sportfishing</b> from Leonardo, Capt. Joe said. Seven almaco jacks, good-tasting, were also pumped in. The trip’s catches were made on the troll and on bait. Friends fished offshore canyons during the weekend, finding tuna fishing slow and only lots of mahi and squid.

Tuna fishing was weathered out, said Johnny O. from <b>Fisherman’s Den North</b> in Atlantic Highlands yesterday. All baits, including for offshore, are stocked.

Weather was too rough for Mike from <b>TAK Waterman Surf n Fish </b> in Long Branch to fish for tuna lately, he said.  Previously, he was popper-plugging bluefin tuna midshore on a friend’s boat.

<b>Shark River Inlet</b>

Two yellowfin tuna 50 to 60 pounds and lots of mahi mahi were decked on a trip Sunday to Monday on the <b>Golden Eagle</b> from Belmar, a report said on the party boat’s website. Jacks and plenty of squid were also caught. See the <a href="" target="_blank">offshore schedule</a> online.

Tuna fishing is supposed to sail Saturday on the <b>Katie H</b> from Belmar, Capt. Mike said. He hopes tuna are still mid-range, and heard nothing good about the canyons, all the way offshore, except about a few white marlin there some time ago. Trips aboard were weathered out recently.

<b>Manasquan Inlet</b>

When boaters could reach offshore canyons between rough weather, they seemed to chunk and jig a pick of yellowfin tuna at night, said Eric from <b>The Reel Seat</b> in Brielle. Not much was caught at Hudson Canyon on Saturday night. A few squid were jigged, and a couple of swordfish were landed. But this was right after a long stretch of rough weather from remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon followed by remnants of Hurricane Florence. Closer to shore this week, a mix of yellowfins and bluefin tuna held at the Triple Wrecks, mostly caught on jigs and popper lures in early mornings into daytime, but some were trolled. Even closer to shore, bonito and false albacore swam the Little Italy and Shark River Reef area. Anglers located them pretty consistently. Albies swam into the surf still. A shot of them was heard about from Sandy Hook yesterday morning.

An inshore exotics trip fished Sunday, pasting mahi mahi, false albacore, blues and mackerel 25 miles from shore on the <b>Gambler</b> from Point Pleasant Beach, a report said on the party boat’s website. One angler caught well on an epoxy jig. Those trips are sold out for the rest of the year. But a similar trip will sail 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sunday for bonito, albies and blues. No reservations are required, but reservations can be made online. The year’s first tuna trip was supposed to depart last Sunday evening aboard. See the <a href="" target="_blank">tuna schedule</a> on Gambler’s website. The tuna fishing is selling out, but some spaces remain.

<b>Barnegat Inlet</b>

<b>Tuna-Tic Sportfishing</b> from Forked River’s been weathered out from tuna fishing, Capt. Mike said. Tuesday might be a window of weather. He’s got charters who want to tuna fish, and is just waiting. He’ll try to fish with them late next week.

Weather kept the <b>Super Chic</b> from Barnegat Light docked, Capt. Ted said. He hoped to sail Friday and Saturday on inshore trips, fishing for fluke on these final two days of fluke season. Afterward, offshore trips for tuna are slated into late October.

<a href="
" target="_blank">Tuna trips</a>, sailing 30 hours, are supposed to be launched tomorrow on the party boat <b>Miss Barnegat Light</b>.

News was scarce about offshore fishing because of rough weather, said Mike from <b>Grizz’s Bait & Tackle</b> in Forked River. Tuna fishing had been good at the Chicken Canyon before the weather. Bonito and false albacore had been talked about from Barnegat Ridge, farther from shore at the ridge. All baits are stocked including for offshore.

<b>Great Egg Harbor Inlet</b>

Hardly any news rolled in from boaters because of weather, said Ed from <b>Fin-Atics</b> in Ocean City.

<b>Cape May Inlet</b>

No offshore fishing was reported because of the weather, said Nick from <b>Hands Too Bait & Tackle</b> in Cape May.

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