New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Inshore sharking
began with a bang with
Jersey Cape Guide Service,
Sea Isle City. The trips catch and
release sharks usually within 10
miles from shore. The angling
is a chance to see big fish
without the long trek offshore.
Visit Jersey Cape
Guide Service's

Summer flounder
from the back bay during
the week on the party boat
Keeper, Margate. Trips are only
$30, because the fishing's near
port, and the pontoon boat is
economical on fuel.
Plus, rental rods are free!
Visit Keeper's

A triggerfish, a summertime
species, on the first day of
summer on Thursday. Photo from
One Stop Bait & Tackle,
Atlantic City. That's the year's
first shot of a trigger on
this website.
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on Facebook.

A sea bass wins
the pool over a ling
on the final day of
sea bass season Saturday
with Last Lady Fishing
Charters, Neptune. Seas
were rough, but plenty
of sea bass were bagged.
So were abundant ling.
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Fishing Charters'

The fishing for sea bass
was good in previous
days aboard, too.
Now, on to other fishing,
including cod on individual-
reservation trips at
2 a.m. Wednesday and July 11.
Last Lady is one of the
only boats that fishes
for cod each summer
from New Jersey. Fish
for cod in shorts!
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Fishing Charters'

Dave Tronieri
spent the final day
of sea bass season on
the party boat Jamaica II,
Brielle. Not a lot of
sea bass caught, but
big ones, he said.
Photo from him.

An open-boat trip
on the Hi Flier, Barnegat,
scored so well on tuna
last weekend on Saturday
at Wilimington Canyon,
88 miles from port,
that we sort of lost count
of the catches in the
report from the boat.
A number of yellowfins,
including these two, were
trolled at the canyon, and
the trip also ran into
bluefins “airing out” on the
way back, and trolled
at least one of those.
This was redemption after
a trip struck out at
Spencer Canyon the
previous week. This is a
smaller boat, and open trips
will run for tuna on
short notice when weather
is perfection. Get on the
vessel’s email list to
be kept informed.
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Dave Arbeitman
from The Reel Seat, Brielle,
an avid tilefish angler,
cranked in this double-header
from the deep on a
party boat offshore.
He schedules the trips
with friends that other
anglers can often also
reserve a space on.
Call the shop if
seriously interested.
This shot and the next
are from the store’s
Facebook page.
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on Facebook.

Custom tilefish rods,
maybe the only available
off the shelf, that the
store began stocking again.
Read an article
about the rods.

Fluke fishing
on the ocean on the
party boat Gambler,
Point Pleasant Beach.
There's a big one.
Visit Gambler's

Outdoor writer
Don Kaminski limits out
aboard. Trips are fluking
twice daily. Some nighttime
trips are wreck-fishing.
Annual Shark-in-the-Dark Trips
begin on July 1.
Don wrote the book
on fluking. Ha. He did write
at least one book about
the fishing that we're
aware about, though,
if we remember.
Visit Gambler's

Ralph “Hi Hook” Amato
trolled this 41-pound
44-inch striped bass on
the ocean off Long Branch,
just inside of 3 miles
from the coast, last weekend
on Saturday on a
Tony Maja spoon.
Photo from Ralph.
That might end up being
the season's final photo of
a striper on this website.
The fishing typically drops off
by mid-June, when the migration
has mostly swum north
for cooler water. Kudos to
Ralph for sticking with
the angling.

Ken Beam
with a largemouth bass.
This shot and the
next two are from him.

Somewhere along
Delaware River
at dawn, Ken said.
Check out
Ken's website.

Check out
an article he wrote
in the June issue
of The Fisherman, he said.

Nick Migliore’s
personal-best carp,
a 20-1/2-pounder that
he heaved from Passaic River
on Tuesday evening near
Elmwood Park. The fishing
was also great on the
previous Saturday morning,
though catches were more
about quality than quantity,
because the fish
were spawning.

Crab shedding
was back on, so the
crab shack was
busy round the clock
at Absecon Bay Sportsman
Center, Absecon.
Keep up with the supply
on Absecon Bay's soft-shell
Facebook page.

The shop raises
soft-shells for eating
and shedder crabs
for bait. They were
currently available.
Like the page.

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