New Jersey Fishing Photos

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After some days
of wind that kept
boats docked,
the party boat
Big Mohawk, Belmar,
resumed blackfishing
on Friday on
the ocean.
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Weather was still
a bit breezy
on the outing, but a
decent catch was caught.
Some anglers limited out,
and “some nice quality fish”
were pulled in, a report
said from the boat.
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The vessel is
slated to blackfish daily.
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A northern pike
from the ice in upstate
New York’s Adirondack Mountains.
Photos from
in Lake George, N.Y.

A walleye from the
the ice in the ‘dacks.

And a rainbow trout
from the fishing in
those mountains. Weather
had been relatively
warm in the area in
January at first but
might’ve been getting
cold again by mid-month.
FISH307 is both an online
store and a brick-and
mortar one, located at
the foot of the Adirondacks.
It’s the ice-fishing

on Cape May’s
party boat the
Porgy IV.
That’s an 8-pounder,
and a couple of
anglers limited out
on the trip, and several
landed no keepers.
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The fish weren’t huge --
blackfish can weigh
into the high teens --
but there were keepers,
and that seemed the
case for all boats right now.
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The trips are aiming
to sail every Saturday
and Sunday, when weather’s
fishable. They might end
soon, so don’t delay.
Getting to be that time
of year when blackfish
boats tie up for winter.
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Florida fishing is insane,
from Keyport, N.J.,
who’s fishing from
Marathon in the Florida
Keys for winter, said.
That’s one of the
amberjack --
sizable, powerful fish --
that Manic hooks on
livelined baitfish
at wrecks like
200 feet deep.
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Weather is frankly
windy in Florida
in winter, Manic said.
Sometimes the weather
is insane. But so is
the fishing. People still
jump aboard in the weather,
because they’re on
vacation, and they catch.
Those are yellowtail snappers
that bite at patch reefs
2 or 3 miles from
the dock, inshore of
the main reef.
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A barracuda aboard.
All kinds of catches
are available, also including
mutton snappers, pompano,
cobia, cero mackerel,
king mackerel and more.
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on South Jersey’s
Stray Cat from Longport
last weekend.
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Plenty of crabs
were aboard for bait,
and the next open
trips were expected
to sail for the tog
in mid-January.
Weather had been warm,
but the cold now
should make them chew,
Stray Cat said.
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“Lingering legacy
from fall,” Jay Peck
Guide Service’s Facebook
page said. That’s a
salmon carcass along
one of the upstate N.Y.
rivers that Peck and
his guides were fishing
for big brown trout
and for steelheads. “The
impact these fish (the
salmon) have on the
rivers lingers throughout
the year,” the page said.
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Jay Peck.

Fiddler crabs
scurried around the marsh
near Atlantic City, George Horvath
from Trenton said during
early January. Photo from him.
He also saw two egrets
hunting them. When will
winter start? he asked.

Blackfishing with
Last Lady Fishing
Charters, Neptune,
on the ocean.
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Individual-reservation trips
were going to keep sailing
for them on weekends
until the tog stopped biting.
If you have a few anglers,
contact the captain, and
he’ll get more anglers and
put a trip together.
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