New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Heading farther south,
the party boat
Golden Eagle, Belmar,
was also on stripers.
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The angling mostly
ranged from decent
to fantastic lately aboard.
Boat traffic could
be tough sometimes.
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At times, only keepers
bit on the vessel’s trips.
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From the same port,
the party boat
Miss Belmar Princess
was also steaming
for stripers.
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Princess's website.

The vessel reported
some excellent days
and sometimes slower.
Again, traffic could
be challenging.
That's a 34-pound pool-winner.
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Princess's website.

Like the two
party boats above,
trips fish for them
daily aboard.
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Princess's website.

Scooting down the coast,
the party boat Gambler,
Point Pleasant Beach,
is also fishing
for stripers daily.
At first, not many
of the migrating fish
reached this far
south. The numbers
just weren’t there,
a report said on Nov. 9.
But this 40-pounder
aboard was reported that day.
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On Nov. 11,
Veteran’s Day, the boat
reported some good action.
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On Nov. 15, the fishing
began slow but became good.
These shots were
posted the next day.
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here's the party boat
fishing for stripers
the farthest south
so far this season,
the Miss Barnegat Light.
The trips are running
every Friday through Sunday.
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Light's website.

The boat began
reporting good catches
last Saturday and Sunday,
after tons of bunker
but no stripers were
found on that Friday’s trip.
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Light's website.

The migration had
arrived this far south.
Been a good run
up and down New Jersey’s
coast so far. Folks
farther south in the
state hope that will
be the same when
the migration reaches
them soon.
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Light's website.

They’re here!
a report from
the Hi Flier, Barnegat,
said Wednesday.
Striped bass
30 and 40 pounds
chased bunker pods
from Long Branch to
Island Beach State Park
in the ocean.
That’s Joe Parente,
Springfield, aboard.
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Some of the best fishing
was in 10 to 20
feet of water. Finback
whales, stripers and bunker
made for some exciting
visual fishing, Hi Flier reported.
When wind blows too
hard, trips are catching
22- to 36-inch stripers
in Barnegat Inlet. Your choice:
stripers or stripers,
the report said! Charters
and open-boat trips
are fishing. That’s Tom Tosco,
Whitehouse Station, aboard.
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The party boat
Atlantic Star, Atlantic Highlands,
was about to start
focusing on blackfish
on Thursday, when the
bag limit would be increased.
Trips were already
catching some, including
these two, along with
porgies and sea bass.
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Striped bass
were pounded from
the ocean with
Mushin Sportfishing,
Point Pleasant Beach,
last weekend.
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Sportfishing's website.

Check this out.
Seas were calm
enough, so the company’s
owner took the Mini-Mushin,
his smaller boat, and
clutched a couple
of stripers, too.
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Sportfishing's website.

Trips with Mushin
snagged bunker
and livelined them
for bait to catch.
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Sportfishing's website.

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