New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Capt. Tom Buban
from the party boat
Atlantic Star, Atlantic Highlands,
returned to Jersey to resume
the vessel’s fishing after
spending some of winter
in the Florida Keys. He
sent these shots
of some of his fishing
in the Keys that included
trips for yellowtails
several times a week.
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Some of the catch
from one of the
yellowtail trips. Looks like
there’s yellowtails, porgies,
cero mackerel and more.
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He also did some
king mackerel fishing.
Back in Jersey, the
Atlantic Star was going
to begin the year’s
fishing with trips for
striped bass twice daily
last weekend.
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Steelhead fishing
was about to peak
in upstate New York’s rivers
or Lake Ontario’s tributaries
for Jay Peck Guide Service.
Get after them while possible.
Soon the fish would spawn
then return to the lake to
spend summer. After steelheading,
Peck and his guides fish
for trout on rivers and streams.
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Jay Peck.

A king mackerel with
Captain Easy Charters
from Islamorada in
the Florida Keys.
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Charters' website.

Fishing for amberjacks aboard.
The sizable, tough fighters
are hooked on live bait
at underwater mounds, like
the Islamorada Hump,
and wrecks. The Islamorada
Hump rises 200 feet
from bottom in 600
feet of water, and
attracts fish.
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Wham. The year’s
first open-boat trip
for blackfish finally
sailed, on April 11, on
South Jersey’s Stray Cat
from Longport, and caught!
Weather was finally
calm enough.
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The slipperies to 12 pounds
were pulled in, and half
the anglers limited out.
The ocean was cold,
but the tautog snapped.
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Open trips were
going to fish for them
on every day when weather
was fit, and blackfish
season was only open
through April 30.
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