New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Summer flounder
from the back bay
at Canal Side
Boat Rentals, Wildwood.
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Crabs from the bay
on the rental boats.
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Another catch
of the blueclaws
from the boats.
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A trip’s limit of
fluke from Raritan Bay
on the Vitamin Sea, Keyport.
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Charters and open-boat
trips are fishing
for the table fare.
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The warm-water monsters
of summer. A shark reeled in
and released in Atlantic City.
This shot and the
next are from One Stop
Bait & Tackle in the town.
The shark species that
swim along shore this
season are often required
to be let go.
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A big ray that the
angler released.
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Dave Tronieri
with a fluke and a
sea bass on the party
boat Jamaica II, Brielle,
on the ocean in July.
This shot and the next
are from him. The fluking was
picky that day, he said, but
some big were belted
in the morning, and he
managed a mixed bag: fluke,
ling, sea bass and
sea robins.
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That’s not Dave,
but he also sent this
shot of the trip’s
pool-winning fluke.
Two 6-pound 7-ouncers
tied to win,
the boat reported.
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A 6.76-pound 28-inch fluke
that was banked from shore.
Photo from Julian's
Bait & Tackle, Atlantic Highlands.
The angler, at left, also
beached a 19-incher, and
fishing for fluke from the
surf could be good on Sandy Hook
and Raritan bays, the store
reported. Ron from the shop,
who gives most of Julian's
reports, is a surf angler and
was hooking them.
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Fluke on the party boat
Atlantic Star, Atlantic Highlands.
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Trips sailed for them
twice daily
on Raritan and
Sandy Hook bays.
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