New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Giant bluefin tuna
at Outer Banks Marina
in Wanchese, N.C.
See more photos
from the marina below
of a couple of famous
boats sailing for the tuna
this winter.
Visit Outer Banks
Marina's website.

February and the
worst of winter weather
were almost finished,
and March can offer
some great steelhead
fishing on rivers
including the Salmon
in upstate N.Y. with
Jay Peck Guide Service.
Jay, shown above, already
was getting out for the
angling more than before.
See more about
Jay Peck.

Hot Stoneflies,
a stonefly with
some bright color,
were catching for him.
Stones crawl around
this time of season.
Winter to early spring
is steelheading time
on these Lake Ontario
Visit Jay Peck
Guide Service's

Leon D’Ottavio's
mahi mahi from a vacation
he took in Costa Rica
with 16 family members.
The trip boated 10
of the fish to 62 inches,
and that’s a 58-incher.
The photo, taken by his
sister Chris, is from him.

Boats from the
TV show Wicked Tuna
were fishing for
giant bluefin tuna
from Outer Banks Marina
in Wanchese, N.C.
Above, the Pinwheel.
This shot and the next
are from the marina’s
Facebook page.
Visit Outer Banks
Marina's website.

The Hot Tuna
from the show
at the marina.
Visit Outer Banks
Marina's website.

Cod fishing
on Feb. 17 on the
party boat Captain Al
from Point Lookout,
Long Island, N.Y.
See more about
Captain Al.

The catches, in 80 to 110
feet of water, were decent,
a report said. That was
in deeper water
because hard southerly
wind blew previously,
and the angling is never
good in shallower
depths then. That didn’t
necessarily mean cod
permanently moved deeper,
like they do sometime
each winter for warmer water.
The ocean on the fishing
grounds was 41 degrees,
relatively warm.
See more about
Captain Al.

The fish included
throwbacks and
but also better-sized
from 10 to 15 pounds.
The trips now would sail
every Friday through Sunday,
after sailing daily previously.
That’s a schedule change
that’s made every year
around Presidents’ Day.
The boat is this website’s
nearest to New Jersey
that specifically targets cod.
Go soon, before the
fish migrate away.
See more about
Captain Al.

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