New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Fishing lit into
a good catch of striped bass
on the ocean during
December's third week
on the party boat Gambler,
Point Pleasant Beach.
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All were hooked on “lures,”
a report said from the boat.
“We’ll have everything
you’ll need on board,”
it said.
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The outlook seemed good
for stripers to stick around,
because lots of bait
swam the water, it said.
Also, sea bass trips
were steaming offshore
until sea bass season
closed beginning Jan. 1.
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Most porgies, like the
ones above, departed
once snow fell during
December’s second week,
the party boat Dauntless,
Point Pleasant Beach, reported.
So daily trips aboard
began targeting ling,
cod and blackfish,
and also scooping up
sea bass and a few
cod and pollock.
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A ling aboard.
Fishing was relatively
slow on the boat
for the moment, giving up
five to 15 fish per angler,
but the trips landed
“quality” fish,
the report said.
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Double-header of weakfish.
The trout surprisingly
showed up sometimes.
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Blackfish on the boat.
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Another weak.
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A pollock aboard.
The boat is one of
N.J.'s only, if not the only,
that fishes daily throughout
winter. Christmas each year
is the only day the vessel's
not scheduled to fish.
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