New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Some cod
from one of the daily
trips for them on Feb. 10
on the party boat
Captain Al from
Point Lookout, Long Island, N.Y.
The boat is this website’s
nearest to N.J. that
fishes for cod every
day each winter.
After Feb. 18 of this year,
the trips would fish
every Friday through Sunday.
That's a usual schedule
change that time
of season aboard.
See more about
Captain Al.

The trip’s fishing
was alright, and each
angler bagged a couple.
The cod still schooled
shallow, in 70 to 80 feet
of water. They were yet
to push farther from shore
like they do sometime
in winter each year
for warmer water.
The ocean on the fishing
grounds was 41 degrees,
the same as in past weeks.
But don’t delay: The fishing
might not last much longer.
See more about
Captain Al.

Bluefin tuna.
Photo from Outer Banks
Marina, Wanchese, N.C.
Click the shot to enlarge it.
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Marina's website.

Capt. Dave Vollenweider
from Live to Fish Guide Service,
the freshwater guide,
trolled six lake trout
and a rainbow trout
from Round Valley Reservoir
on a trip on Feb. 10.
Above, one of the lakers.
Visit Live to Fish
Guide Service's

The rainbow.
Visit Live to Fish
Guide Service's

Another one of the lakers.
The water was 32.8 degrees.
Don’t fall in, Dave said.
Visit Live to Fish
Guide Service's

This angler stopped
at in Lake George,
N.Y., geared up for ice-fishing
and got advice, then
landed this lake trout,
his first ever, and some
yellow perch on a trip
in the Adirondack Mountains.
He’s hooked! FISH307 said.

This customer
limited out on crappies
from the ice in the mountains.

A 31-inch laker
from the Adirondacks., the ice-fishing
superstore, is both a
brick-and-mortar shop,
located near the southern
entrance to the ‘dacks,
and an online one.

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