New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Ahh! A mako shark with
Tuna-Tic Sportfishing,
Forked River. The horror.
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Makos have to
be big to make
the new size limit
this year.
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A tuna on the trip.
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A ling, a fluke and
a sea bass. This trip
with Manicsportfishing,
Keyport, limited out on
sea bass, bagged a
dozen ling and three
fluke and released
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One of the nighttime
trips that plug for walleyes
fished Lake Hopatcong with
Live to Fish Guide Service.
Six of the fish 2 ½
to 6 pounds were hooked
on cast Rapala Original Floating
Minnows in size 18, the
biggest size. Walleyes swim to
shallows, where they can
be hooked on cast lures, in
the dark to forage on
spawning herring this
time of year.
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Live to Fish Guide Service.

The walleye trips
are interesting and fun,
and walleyes are not
only big but tasty, a
member of the perch family.
The anglers kept four
and released two. The
fishing can last until
about mid-July.
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Jumbo sea bass with the
Down Deep Fleet, Keyport.
Daily open-boat trips that
are bottom-fishing were
going to keep targeting them
until sea bass season closes
Saturday, and afterward would
target porgies.
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Fluke fishing aboard.
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Open trips
are fluking at 6 a.m.
daily and 2 p.m. every
Friday and Saturday.
Charters are available.
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Sea bass fishing
was great, drop and
reel, with Fin-Taz-Tic
Sportfishing, Highlands.
Fluke fishing picked up
aboard, and striper fishing
was tough, but if
you knew where to
fish, some could
be chunked. A charter
was available Saturday, and
two spaces were
available for an open-boat
trip Sunday.
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Sportfishing's website.

The party boat
Atlantic Star, Atlantic Highlands,
is fluke fishing on Raritan
and Sandy Hook bays.
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Trips sail for them
twice daily.
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George Horvath
from Trenton tagged
and released four
bluefish 21 to 26 inches
at Manasquan Inlet on
metal on a trip. One of
the blues spit up a
sand eel. George tagged
and released 45 fish in
12 trips to the inlet
this year, always fishing
metal and teasers.

A big ling on
the party boat
Point Pleasant Beach.
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Porgies aboard.
Daily trips aboard targeted
sea bass until sea bass
season closed Saturday,
and were going to target
ling or porgies afterward.
Ling, porgies and winter
flounder were already mixed
in during sea bassing.
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Striped bass fishing
was difficult last weekend,
so Sour Kraut
Sportfishing, Leonardo,
fished for sea bass
on trips. That angling
was good. Sour Kraut
was still going to
striper fish in evenings
during the week.
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Catching keeper
fluke was a little
tough last weekend on
Raritan Bay on the
Vitamin Sea, Keyport.
Boat traffic overran
areas that held keepers,
and the water was dirty.
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But some were
managed on each trip aboard.
Charters and open-boat trips
are fluking. Some open
striped bass trips are
fishing in evenings, too.
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