New Jersey Fishing Photos

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A northern pike
from the ice in the
Adirondack Mountains. Photos from in Lake George,
N.Y.'s, Facebook page.

That's a steelhead
from Lake Champlain's ice.

Lake trout
from the ice
in the mountains.
Plenty of fishable ice
remained, but for how long?
FISH307, the ice-fishing
superstore, is both an
online shop and a brick-
and-mortar one, located
near the southern
entrance to the 'dacks.
Watch for blow-out
sales on ice gear
on the online store
as ice-fishing season
draws to an end.

Greetings from Asbury Park.
Capt. Dave Vollenweider,
Live to Fish Guide Service,
visited the Asbury Park
Fishing Club's annual fishing
flea market in March
at convention hall in the town.
Photos from him.
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Guide Service's

The market is
especially known
for sales of
surf-fishing plugs.
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Guide Service's

Dave at the event
bought these
custom pencil poppers
to fish Cape Cod Canal
for striped bass.
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Guide Service's

Ling on one of
the bottom-fishing trips
on the party boat
Point Pleasant Beach,
on the ocean.
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A few cod came in.
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Another ling. The fishing
was slow, and the ocean
was 38 to 40 degrees, not
overly cold, and not warm.
The temp was normal
for late winter. The boat
is one of the only, if
not the only, that's slated
to fish daily from New Jersey
throughout winter each year.
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