New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Fiddler crabs
scurried around the marsh
near Atlantic City, George Horvath
from Trenton said during
early January. Photo from him.
He also saw two egrets
hunting them. When will
winter start? he asked.

Blackfishing with
Last Lady Fishing
Charters, Neptune,
on the ocean.
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Fishing Charters'

Individual-reservation trips
were going to keep sailing
for them on weekends
until the tog stopped biting.
If you have a few anglers,
contact the captain, and
he’ll get more anglers and
put a trip together.
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Fishing Charters'

Wha’? Striped bass?
This late? You bet.
From the ocean on Jan. 6
with Jersey Cape Guide
Service, Sea Isle City.
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Guide Service's website.

A bunch of the stripers
to 20 pounds were jigged
aboard the trip.
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Guide Service's website.

The ocean was
47 degrees, warmer than
previously, and warm enough
for good striper fishing.
Lots of birds including
gannets worked baitfish
along the water.
See shots below
of previous fishing aboard
that cauught them, too.
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Guide Service's website.

Cod fishing
picked up on Jan. 4
on the party boat
Captain Al from Point Lookout,
Long Island, N.Y.
The fish bit
in the shallows, like they
usually do at first in winter.
As the ocean becomes
colder, the cod usually
school deeper water
that’s warmer.
See more about
Captain Al.

The boat is one of the few
that’s been cod fishing
in winter for years
from Long Island. Don’t delay
a trip. This time of
year can fish best.
See more about
Captain Al.

What one angler
from One Stop
Bait & Tackle,
Atlantic City, N.J.,
does this time of year:
fishes from the Keys!
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Headed for
winter blackfishing
on the ocean on the party boat
Big Mohawk, Belmar.
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The fishing was good,
the boat reported.
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Jigs caught well,
but on days when
wind prevented fishing
with jigs, rigs hooked
quite a few.
Trips were blackfishing daily.
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The year’s final
sea bass trips offshsore
produced some beauties
for all anglers on the
party boat Gambler,
Point Pleasant Beach,
before sea bass season
was closed beginning
on the first of the year,
a report said.
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Check out
that weakfish, right,
on one of the trips.
Customers also bagged
porgies, like the one
here, and ling.
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There’s a lobster
in the mix. Trips afterward
fished for ling,
cod, mackerel and blackfish
Wednesdays through Saturdays
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
So those trips were named
the Lazy Man’s Special.
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Blackfish on the
party boat
Atlantic Star, Atlantic Highlands.
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The fishing was
alright, except when
the water was churned.
Blackfish like clear water.
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The trips were
slated to fish daily
through Jan. 6. Afterward,
the boat went on
winter break.
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