New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Tom Sunris from Neptune’s
11-pound 2-ounce fluke
from the ocean
at Fisherman’s Den, Belmar,
in early September.
Customers brought in
some big.
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An open-boat trip
crushed yellowfin tuna
on Sept. 2 with Mushin
Sportfishing, Point Pleasant
Beach. At first, the trip
kept trolling them.
So then the boat
was stopped, and more
of the yellowfins were
whacked on popper plugs --
that’s one, above – jigs
and chunks.
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The trip limited out
on the tuna to 80 pounds,
and so returned early,
and also nailed some
beautiful mahi mahi,
including this one,
at flotsam. Charters were
fishing, and open trips for
tuna had just been added
for Sept. 22-23 and 29-30.
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Crazy. This 2-foot
wahoo bit in the surf
at Lavallette and was
released. Photo from
Hook House
Bait & Tackle in Toms River’s
Facebook page.
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The owner of Sea Isle
Bait & Tackle, Sea Isle City,
above, fished for summer
flounder at an ocean
reef with a buddy, and
they decked two flounder
less than a limit. The fluke
weighed up to 5 ½ pounds.
Mahi mahi belly strips,
stocked at the shop,
on Belly Dancer rigs
caught best.
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Live to Fish Guide Service,
the freshwater guide,
walloped 13 smallmouth bass
on Paulinskill River on
a trip on Storm Rattlin’
Chug Bug popper lures.
Cool fishing.
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Guide Service's

A white marlin
with Fishin’ Fever
Sportfishing, Cape May.
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The trip went
3 for 7 on whites
and broke off
a 300-pound blue marlin.
An incredible run
of whites swam offshore
waters during this late summer.
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The trip also tilefished.
That catch included
golden tiles that weighed
43, 27 and 23 pounds.
Here’s one of the hefty ones.
Fishin’ Fever will also
fish for tuna and, beginning
on September’s full moon,
will start swordfishing
during daytime.
Daytime swording is
common down South,
like in Florida, but
Fishin’ Fever is pioneering
the fishing here. Those
trips fish bottom in
very deep water for the
light-sensitive billfish.
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Sportfishing's website.

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