New Jersey Fishing Photos

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on the ocean on the
party boat Dauntless,
Point Pleasant Beach,
didn’t mug catches,
but picked away,
mostly at blackfish.
A few cod came in,
and a stray ling
sometimes turned up.
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A couple of anglers
limited out on the
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The trips fished shallow,
in 60 to 90 feet,
and sometimes fished
deeper, keeping an eye
on those depths.
But deeper fished
no better. Ling and
cod could possibly
invade the deep this winter.
The boat was fishing
7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily,
and is one of the
only, if not the only,
that fishes every day
all winter from Jersey.
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A tarpon, medium-sized,
on a traveling charter
to the Florida Keys in
January with Jersey Cape
Guide Service from
Sea Isle City, N.J.
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Speckled seatrout.
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for bonnethead
and lemon sharks
on the flats is always
an option.
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Good catch.
during January's
third weekend on the
party boat Norma-K III,
Point Pleasant Beach.
Trips were weathered out
in severe cold in
the next days.
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Cod were picked
at every spot fished
on this trip in January
on the party boat
Captain Al, Point Lookout,
Long Island, N.Y.
The fish still bit in
shallow water 50
to 75 feet. Then the cold,
windy weather kept the trips
in port. But the boat
is this website’s only
that’s scheduled to fish
for cod daily each winter.
The cold surely dropped
the water temperature,
and cod often move
to deeper, warmer water then.
See more about
Captain Al.

Winter’s first
severe cold, with
daytime highs in the
teens and nighttime
lows in the single
digits, barreled in
on Jan. 21. Photos from
the party boat
Point Pleasant Beach.
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So this was
the harbor near
Manasquan Inlet.
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