New Jersey Fishing Photos

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A striped bass from the
Toms River. This shot and the
next two are from Murphy's
Hook House in the town of
Toms River. Fishing for throwback
stripers was fabulous in the
river, mostly at night, somewhat
in early mornings and in
evenings. The one above might've
been a keeper. Bloodworms and
rubber shads, like from Kettle
Creek, hooked them.
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Hook House's

White perch from the river.
Fishing for them was decent,
better than usual.
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Hook House's

And a winter flounder
from the river. That
was a keeper.
Not a lot was heard
about flounder from the
river yet, maybe because
of cold water.
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Hook House's

Ice fishing was
winding down for the season
in the Adirondack Mountains, N.Y.
But in the village
of Lake George in the mountains
held a Facebook photo contest
for the end of the season, and
these are some of the
shots entered. Above, a northern
pike from Lake George.

Limit of yellow perch
from George.

Smallmouth bass
from across the border
at Lake St. Catherine
in Vermont.

This landlocked salmon
came from George
during a white out.

A rainbow trout
from Brant Lake.

Lake trout 26 and 27 inches.
FISH307, billed as the
ice-fishing superstore, is
both an online shop and
a physical one, located in the
southern 'dacks near the
New York State Thruway.
Look for clearance sales
on ice gear that are
offered each year about now.
The store will now be
transitioned for spring fishing --
everything from fly-fishing
to trolling.

At the dock
for traveling charters that
fish the Florida Keys every
year from Christmas to
Easter with Jersey Cape
Guide Service, Sea Isle City, N.J.
See more about the trips.

A rock bass that
George Horvath from
Trenton released along
with eight black crappies,
a white crappie, two
white perch and a
largemouth bass on March 1
at 52-degree Carnegie
Lake on a trip.
During the previous
week at the lake, he let
go 19 fish on two red
worms from Dick’s
on another trip.
A world record! he said.
Those are quality worms
at Dick’s, he thinks.
The rock bass was
his year's first
from the lake.

Back to winter.
Snow on the docks
on March 3, the day
after a nor’easter,
at Absecon Bay Sportsman
Center, Absecon. A day or
two reached 70 degrees
during February's final week.
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Sportsman Center's

Fishing for yellowtail snappers
at the reef a few miles
from port with
Captain Easy Charters
from Islamorada
in the Florida Keys.
The trip limited out
on 2- to 3-pounders.
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Charters' website.

A sailfish aboard.
The trip landed four sails,
a bunch of king mackerel
and a mutton snapper,
along with the yellowtails.
The sails, kings and
mutton were socked just
offshore of the reef.
Visit Captain Easy
Charters' website.

That’s the mutton.
Was a great trip,
Captain Easy reported.
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Charters' website.

The year’s second
striped bass on March 1,
opening day of striper
season in bays and rivers,
at Absecon Bay
Sportsman Center, Absecon.
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Sportsman Center's

Was a good one,
a 35-inch 18-pounder,
beaten from the bay
near Long Beach Island.
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Sportsman Center's

The angler won
an annual $100
gift certificate to the
store for the second.
Prizes remained for
the third, the first stripers
heavier than 20 and
30 pounds, and more.
See the prizes.

A steelhead from
upstate New York’s
Salmon River
in the final days of February
with Jay Peck Guide Service.
Weather was chilly but
warm enough to melt snow
and cause high water.
Spring runoff had begun,
and that wasn't a bad thing,
because that ushers in the
year’s best steelheading.
See more about
Jay Peck.

Last chance brown.
Peck was also fishing
for huge brown trout,
including this one banked
that week, on creeks around
Rochester. But the browns
would migrate soon to Lake
Ontario to spend summer.
Visit Jay Peck
Guide Service's

A couple of days
afterward, weather had
warmed during steelheading.
A trip with Peck fought
this one from a stream
in the area then.
Volatile weather is typical of
this steelheading time of year.
Act quickly: the fishing only
lasts until March and maybe
early April. The fish will
spawn in rivers and creeks
and return to the lake
for summer.
See more about
Jay Peck.

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