New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Scenes …
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… from the Florida Keys …
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… with Manicsportfishing
from Keyport, N.J.
Manic was chartering
from Marathon in the
Keys for winter.
Those are a
barracuda, above, and
obviously a shark in
the previous photo.
We’re unsure what
the tower is in the
first photo. It's
a scene, though.
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George Horvath
from Trenton saw
hundreds of dead
minnows or killies
at a spot in the
marsh near Atlantic City
after an exceptionally
cold day. Photo from him.
Might be a shortage
of the baitfish
this coming fishing
season, he said.

on Jan. 26 on
the party boat
Big Mohawk, Belmar.
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The fishing the
next day aboard.
Those were the final
two fishing trips
for winter on
the vessel.
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on the ocean on the
party boat Dauntless,
Point Pleasant Beach,
didn’t mug catches,
but picked away,
mostly at blackfish.
A few cod came in,
and a stray ling
sometimes turned up.
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A couple of anglers
limited out on the
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The trips fished shallow,
in 60 to 90 feet,
and sometimes fished
deeper, keeping an eye
on those depths.
But deeper fished
no better. Ling and
cod could possibly
invade the deep this winter.
The boat was fishing
7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily,
and is one of the
only, if not the only,
that fishes every day
all winter from Jersey.
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