New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Hmm, which one’s
going to win the pool?
South Jersey’s Stray Cat
from Longport began fishing
for sea bass on May 15,
opening day of sea bass
season, on the ocean.
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The fishing was cleaning up
on them, pretty good
fishing, including for
sizable, a report said.
Some of the anglers
limited out, and the rest
came close. Charters and
open-boat trips were
sailing for them.
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A 23-1/2-pound
striped bass from the
Absecon Inlet area in
mid-May at Absecon Bay
Sportsman Center, Absecon.
Larger stripers were
definitely on the move, the
shop reported. That meant
they were sliding out of
spawning habitat and beginning
to migrate the ocean
close to shore, heading
toward cooler water to
the north for summer. This
angler stopped in because
he thought the fish weighed
heavier than 30 pounds,
according to a friend’s scale,
and wanted to grab the
shop’s annual $100 gift certificate
for the year’s first striper
30 pounds or heavier. But the
the shop’s scale showed that
the fish weighed less. This
is the time of year
when that prize
is usually won.
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Striped bass fishing
on the ocean began
to kick in with Last Lady
Fishing Charters, Neptune,
during the week of May 14.
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The bass were
finishing up spawning
in rivers and back waters
and migrating to the ocean.
Space was available
for an individual-reservation
trip for stripers on May 20 at press
time. Striper trips were possibly
going to mix in sea bass fishing.
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The captain’s grandson,
Cole Grimm,
with an 80-pound
black drum on Delaware Bay
on the party boat
Porgy IV, Cape May,
on May 12. That was the
vessel’s final drum trip this
year, and its fishing was
good. Daily trips for sea bass
began on May 15, opening
day of sea bass season.
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Sea bass fishing
on the party boat
Big Mohawk, Belmar, on
May 15, opening day of
sea bass season.
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The fishing was good,
and cod and ling were
mixed in. Trips fished for
sea bass daily.
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Mushin Sportfishing,
Point Pleasant Beach,
was sailing north to nail
striped bass. The fish now
seemed poised to flood
the local ocean, and Mushin
would jump on them there.
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A dozen black drum
to 70 pounds were landed
on the evening of May 12,
and four of the fish to 85
pounds were hauled in on
the previous night with Fishin’
Fever Sportfishing, Cape May.
Charters and open-boat
trips were fishing.
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Capt. Dave Vollenweider,
Live to Fish Guide Service,
the freshwater guide,
with a lake trout from
Round Valley Reservoir
in May.
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A black drum, 47 pounds,
from the surf at
Fin-Atics, Ocean City.
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Parker Pete's
Fishing Charters, Belmar,
limited out on
striped bass
on the ocean on
May 14 for the first time
this season.
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"Big, crazy fish,"
Parker Pete's reported.
At first, runoffs were
scored on live bunker.
But the fish let
the bait go. So the trip
trolled and smashed
30-pounders right away.
They were spawned out.
So they were stripers
that mated in back waters
and were now migrating
to the ocean, and that’s
what Parker Pete’s was
waiting for.
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Ron Zalegowski
from Columbus’s catfish
from Pemberton Pond on
a minnow. Photo from him.

This angler took
the lead in the striper
division in Riptide
Bait & Tackle in Brigantine’s
Spring Striper and
Bluefish Derby with this
37-pound 45-3/4-incher
from the town’s surf
in mid-May. This shot
and the next two
are from the shop.
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A drum from
the island’s surf.
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Bait & Tackle's

This customer kept
coming to the store
to gather as much info
as possible and broke
the ice with this
11-pound striper
from the town’s beach.
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