New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Seldom a dull moment.
A 36-hour trip
sailed offshore on the
party boat Gambler,
Point Pleasant Beach,
in October.
Above, a yellowfin tuna
from the fishing.
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A longfin tuna
on the trip.
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The amount of time
enabled the trip to
do a number of types
of fishing. At first,
the trip took a drift
at a wreck, catching big
pollock, including this one,
and large white hake.
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The trip fished
for mahi mahi a number
of times, loading up on them.
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Another yellowfin
on the outing. A few
yellowfins and a couple
of longfins were bagged.
Just before sunrise,
big schools of undersized
bluefin tuna swam through,
biting baits. They were
released but gave up
fun mayhem.
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Large squid were jigged.
The trip’s catches also
included little tunny,
blue sharks and a
large bull shark.
Seldom a dull moment,
a report said. The crew
looked forward to the
next trip, it said.
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The Last Lady II, Neptune,
was dry-docked to be
readied for fall fishing,
including for sea bass
season that began
on Oct. 8.
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Then it was hauled
back to the water.
Charters and individual-
reservation trips would
sail for sea bass.
Opening day was sold out.
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Wha’? This tuna
washed ashore in Brigantine.
Photo from Riptide
Bait & Tackle in the
town’s Facebook page.
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Striped bass fishing
on the Vitamin Sea, Keyport,
at New York Harbor
in late September.
Charters and open-boat
trips fished.
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Porgies, a couple
of blackfish, a couple
of triggerfish and a
bluefish that were scooped
up with Sour Kraut
Sportfishing, Leonardo.
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One of the triggers,
a warm-water fish
that would migrate
away soon.
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Striped bass
that predominantly swam
the mouth of Hudson River
were eeled with
Manicsportfishing, Keyport.
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The fish bit
specifically on
slack tides, and practically
every trip limited out.
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When these fish
dump into Raritan Bay
soon, fishing for them
will be bedlam,
Manic reported. Trips for
sea bass would also
sail once sea bass
season opened.
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