New Jersey Fishing Photos

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Fluke trips fished
deep holes, channels,
mussel bottom, small wrecks
and sometimes
sandy bottom on the
Vitamin Sea, Keyport,
and plenty of fluke bit,
but the keeper ratio was
tough. Trips worked hard
and burned fuel.
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The fish would continue
to fill Ambrose Channel,
migrating out of bays
to offshore, and the
boat would keep working
those grounds, grinding
every time to put together
the best catch possible,
Vitamin Sea reported.
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Mahi mahi
on South Jersey’s
Stray Cat from Longport
in early September. The fishing
was great, Stray Cat reported.
Fishing for summer flounder
or fluke was also improving
on the ocean aboard.
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There’s a good-sized.
Summer flounder fishing
on one of the daily
trips for them on the
ocean on the party boat
Porgy IV, Cape May.
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Capt. Joe Baumle, right,
from Sour Kraut Sportfishing,
Leonardo, N.J., joined a commercial
trip for bluefin tuna that
docked this 500-pounder
from Prince Edward Island,
Canada, on Aug. 31. He also fished
on a charter the next day
that released three bluefins
including a 700-pounder
from the island.
See photos below of another
bluefin from another trip
he took from the island that
week. Anglers can contact him
to ask about tuna fishing
from that location, he said.
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The Hi Flier, Barnegat,
was fishing Barnegat Ridge
for mostly king mackerel,
bonito, Spanish mackerel
and mahi mahi in late
summer. That’s one
of the mahi aboard.
The boat was also fishing
offshore for tuna.
Charters and open-boat
trips sailed for either.
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For anglers
who could bucktail
very sticky bottom, fishing
for big fluke was
excellent right now
on the ocean with Parker
Pete’s Fishing Charters, Belmar,
Parker Pete’s reported.
You’re going to snag
and lose tackle on
wrecks and rocks on
short drifts of the boat.
But monster fluke.
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Bluefin tuna
off Prince Edward Island,
Canada. These shots are
from Capt. Joe Baumle
from Sour Kraut Sportfishing,
Leonardo. He was visiting
to fish for giants.
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This bluefin weighed
300 to 400 pounds,
we’re guessing. But that
was a small one there,
or the anglers were
looking for twice the size,
and had a chance to succeed.
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