New Jersey Fishing Photos

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This angler took
the lead in the striper
division in Riptide
Bait & Tackle in Brigantine’s
Spring Striper and
Bluefish Derby with this
37-pound 45-3/4-incher
from the town’s surf
in mid-May. This shot
and the next two
are from the shop.
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A drum from
the island’s surf.
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This customer kept
coming to the store
to gather as much info
as possible and broke
the ice with this
11-pound striper
from the town’s beach.
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Striped bass fishing
on Raritan Bay with the
Down Deep Fleet,
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Stripers from the bay with
Sour Kraut Sportfishing, Leonardo.
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And the angling on
the Vitamin Sea, Keyport.
This has been a
fantastic spring run,
Vitamin Sea reported.
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Fishing for striped bass
was improving recently
on Raritan bay on the
party boat Atlantic Star,
Atlantic Highlands.
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Hey, a black drum
in the mix.
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Trips were fishing
for stripers twice daily.
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For Jersey Cape
Guide Service, Sea Isle City,
the annual run of bluefish
showed up in the back bay,
later than usual, but
better late than never.
Fewer turned up than in
recent years, and they were
more spread out this year,
and this all seemed because
of cold water when they
normally would have arrived,
but they were there.
Some of the blues were
quite big. That’s one, above.
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The fishing
sometimes scored
a grand slam, a mix of
the four fish that
anglers target in the
bay – blues, striped bass,
weafish and summer
flounder – all in one trip.
This is the best time
of year to do that.
Above, one of the weaks.
The flounder were
out-of-season until
May 25 and were released
until then.
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One of the smaller blues.
This all makes this
one of the best times
of year for fishing aboard.
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Ho, there’s a big one.
Striped bass fishing on
Raritan Bay with Fin-Taz-Tic
Sportfishing, Highlands.
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The fish, often sizable,
were trolled on
bunker spoons but were
also hooked on
livelined bunker. All bait,
tackle and ice to bring
fish home is supplied.
The crew fillets your catch.
Reserve charters and open-
boat trips as soon as
possible to save a spot,
including for fluke
fishing that’s coming up.
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Carp 9- and 11-1/2 pounds
that George Horvath from
Trenton pulled in from
Millstone River. He landed
33 so far this year.
On this trip, the 11-1/2-
pounder yanked his rod
into the water, and George
just managed to grab
the handle underwater

Look at the size
of that sea robin.
Capt. Dave Showell,
owner of Absecon Bay
Sportsman Center, Absecon,
hooked the 3-pounder
and planned to enter
the catch in a junk fish
category in a tournament.
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This bluefish
on a striper charter
with Dave on May 9
was the season’s
first aboard from Great Bay.
He expected blues to
totally invade the area
in a moment, because
terrific numbers arrived
just south at Atlantic City
the previous day.
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The year’s first
striped bass heavier
than 20 pounds at the
store on May 10.
The angler won
the annual $100 gift
certificate for the
first. Another one of the
certificates, also annual,
was available for the
first heavier than 30.
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