Sat., July 21, 2018
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Delaware Bay Report

Report from Tuesday, July 17.

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The new moon last week triggered crabs to shed and mate, said Paul from Beaver Dam Boat Rentals. Shedding and mating can slow crabbing, because the blueclaws won’t eat when they shed or mate. But not all crabs shed or mate at once, so some can always be trapped. That did cause slower catches, but crabbing seemed to be picking back up yesterday. Two trips that morning headed out, trapped a couple of dozen keepers apiece, and quickly returned. The new moon was last Wednesday, and shedding and mating usually last three to five days, or that’s how long crabbing is usually affected. Full moons can also trigger shedding and mating. The sizes of keepers, about 5 inches, was pretty good. Plenty of small crabs, throwbacks, skittered around, like usual. Chicken was best bait during the weekend, and the crew has noticed that chicken often catches during shedding or mating. That’s hormonal, they think. Otherwise, bunker often works best. By yesterday, chicken and bunker seemed to catch equally. Many customers caught best on squid on handlines recently. They seemed to use whole squid, and the squid seemed to work because lots of small fish pecked at other baits like bunker. They’d devour the bait eventually, but the squid held up better. A couple of anglers on the rental boats reeled 23- or 24-inch striped bass from the creek. They seemed to catch best on a chunk of bunker or pieces of squid floated under a bobber, like three feet below, instead of fishing along bottom. Stripers are usually thought to feed along bottom, but they bit higher up in the water column recently. Customers fish and crab from rental boats towed up Oranokin Creek, running past the shop. Rental kayaks and canoes are available to paddle the scenic creek. Call ahead to reserve any rentals to ensure they’ll be available. They can book up. Beaver Dam can host events like birthday parties and family reunions, and groups like scouts, including for an educational day on the water. Visit Beaver Dam’s website.