Sat., Nov. 18, 2017
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Delaware Bay Report

Report from Tuesday, November 14.

| Port Elizabeth | Fortescue | Cape May | Last Week's Report |
The Salt Talk competed in an annual striped bass tournament Saturday on Delaware Bay, Capt. Howard said. Last year in the event, only one striper, a 30-incher, was entered. The fish won, of course. Although stripers used to migrate to the bay by this time of season, the migration’s been later in recent years. So Howard was skeptical about whether any stripers big enough to be entered would be hooked this year. Small, throwback stripers school the bay this time of season, and they seem to be younger bass, yet to migrate, that swim into the bay from rivers surrounding the bay, for whatever reasons. They’re not the large, mature stripers that migrate from north sometime in fall. But a few stripers, three throwbacks, were angled on the Salt Talk during the contest, and other boaters entered a few large. A 47-incher won, Howard believed. Fortescue’s party boats only angled throwbacks, he thought. The Salt Talk fished at the Elbow, and two of the boat’s stripers were bucktailed, and one was caught on bunker. Howard knew about another charter boat that landed three keepers on bucktails at a lighthouse on the bay recently. Howard didn’t know the bay’s temperature, but the water seemed to be getting chilly. The Salt Talk used to be a Fortescue party boat. Howard sold that vessel, and the new Salt Talk is a charter boat for up to four passengers.