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Offseason Report

Report from Tuesday, March 29.

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The report covers out-of-state saltwater fishing
from late fall through winter, New Jersey’s off-season.

North Carolina
Oregon Inlet

Five boats fished for tuna Sunday from Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, returning with some great catches of bluefins, yellowfins and blackfins, a report said on the marina’s website. The fishing was weathered out Saturday, but some boats fished the sound that day, catching striped bass, like boats did lately on the sound. On Friday, the tuna fishing was also weathered out, but on Thursday, boats caught bluefins, yellowfins and blackfins again. On Wednesday, only one boat sailed for tuna in rough weather, landing yellowfins and returning early. Last Tuesday was a beautiful day on the tuna grounds, and boats tied into bluefins, yellowfins “and an early season mahi,” the report said. One of the bluefins was a 96-incher that weighed 534-pounds dressed. Visit Website.


Sailing from Teach’s Lair Marina, anglers beat plenty of blackfin tuna Saturday and Sunday, a report on the marina’s website said. One had “a heck of a haul of the fish,” it said, and another boat bottom-fished offshore. The trip loaded up on golden tilefish and black belly rosefish. In the surf, blow toads, sea mullet and a few puppy drum were dragged in, similar to before. The surf had been cold, because of northerly wind, but began to warm again in southerly wind. “Should see some big ole drum in the next day or two,” the report said. Visit Website.