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Offseason Report

Report from Tuesday, March 26.

| New York | Delaware/Maryland/Virginia | North Carolina | Florida | Last Week's Report |

The report covers
out-of-state saltwater fishing
from late fall through early spring,
New Jersey’s off-season.

New York
Point Lookout

The party boat Captain Al fished for cod Sunday in better weather after wind forced Saturday’s trip to be canceled, Capt. Tom said. A handful of small cod were swung in, and at one spot, out-of-season blackfish were released. New York’s blackfish season will be open for the month of April. One-hundred-forty feet of water was the deepest the trip fished. But current screamed at that depth, and the trip had to pull back closer to shore to shallower water with calmer, fishable current. Most of the trip’s cod were hooked in 70 to 80 feet of water. But cod mostly swam the deep during recent previous trips. Cod typically relocate to deeper, warmer water sometime in winter. Still, the ocean began to warm now. The water was 42 degrees on the trip, and was in the high 30s two weeks ago. The warmer water seemed to make dogfish show up. Some began to bite on the trip. The trips had been slated to fish for cod every Saturday and Sunday. The boat will be brought to the shipyard to be spruced up for spring, and no trips will fish this weekend. Tom hopes fishing aboard resumes the following weekend, April 6 and 7. When the fishing does, it’ll sail for cod, blackfish and ling. See More Info. Call: 516-623-2248.