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Offseason Report

Report from Tuesday, March 27.

| Delaware/Maryland | North Carolina | Florida | Last Week's Report |

The report covers out-of-state saltwater fishing
from late fall through winter, New Jersey fishing’s off-season.

Another nor’easter, the fourth in three weeks, pounded this area last week. The storm last week also dumped snow. After the storm, seas remained rough and wind continued to blow through last weekend. Not much fishing happened. Two weekends ago, boats from Maryland sailed for blackfish on the ocean. The water was cold because of all of the storms, but some of the tautog were decked. A 15-pounder was reported. A trip last week on Monday from Maryland with five anglers bagged 15 of the tog. Several reports said gannets dived-bombed the ocean just off the beach at Ocean City, Md., that weekend. No boats were fishing there, so nobody knew what baitfish the birds were foraging on. But bunker was the guess. The ocean off Maryland was 40 degrees that weekend, two weekends ago. The ocean off Virginia Beach was 42 ½ degrees then. The average is 44.8 off Virginia Beach that time of year. In Delaware, few boats were launched for the fishing season yet. Small, scattered striped bass bit in tidal creeks in Delaware. Delaware Bay was currently 41 degrees. Weather was going to become warmer this week, peaking in the 70 degrees on Thursday, dropping to the mid-50s by the weekend. That’s warmer than lately. During some years, striped bass are reported migrating to Delaware Bay by now, headed to Delaware River to spawn. None was reported yet.