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Tony Maja's
Signature Series Trolling Reel

You saw this coming.

First you watched
Tony Maja’s Custom
Bunker Spoons plunder
the market.

Then you saw Maja’s Custom Bunker Spoon
Rods debuted.  

Next, Maja’s braided
line for the trolling tackle
was announced.

Well, introducing the reel!

The new Tony Maja’s Signature Series Trolling Reel is a perfect match for Maja’s rod, whether fished with wire, braid or mono,
the company says.

But the reel can also be used for jigging, bottom fishing or “just about
any use that you can think of,” it says.

The 32-ounce reel, with a large, deep spool that can hold up to
600 yards of 60-pound braid, is unmatched in power, and super smooth, the company says.

The reel is a powerhouse that outperforms reels that are more than
twice its size and weight, it says.

The reel is backed with a 2-year warrantee, twice as long as the competition’s, and is built to last, the company says.

But don’t take our word for it.

Check out the reel on Tony Maja’s Web site.