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Splash Drone Fisherman

Man – fisher-man, specifically – probably thought many years about casting a line farther than the line could be cast with arms alone.

Fish could be seen there for the taking but out of reach.

SwellPro’s Splash Drone Fisherman is a solution.

It's the most advanced waterproof drone meant to deliver a hook to distant fish, the company says.

We can think of other uses, too, including using the drone’s video livestream to search for fish, say in the surf or from a boat, instead of beach-buggying or sailing the distance.

The drone can land on water, and if it crashes into the water, no worries, because it floats.

A patented payload device can fly a fishing line a long distance and release the line into the water by a controller that’s intuitive and can be hand-held.

The payload device can carry up to 1 kilogram, about 2 pounds, and the drone’s control range is 1 kilometer, about three-quarters of a mile.

If you fly the drone beyond sight, a simple switch on the controller will fly the aircraft back to the take-off location.

If the drone flies out of range, it'll return home automatically, and if the battery runs out, the drone will land smoothly at its current spot.

Can you imagine if you could deliver a lure or bait to striped bass you’ve seen so many times blitzing baitfish beyond casting range from land?

You can do that.

Can you imagine if you could search the surf almost a mile north and south of yourself instead of beating the distance on foot?

You can do that, too, and more.

The company Drone Journey retails the SwellPro Splash Drone Fisherman and other waterproof drones ideal for anglers.

It also retails other drones and related products.

For more info about SwellPro’s Splash Drone Fisherman, visit Drone Journey’s website.