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Sduro Full Fatsix

A bicycle was written-up in a major outdoor magazine recently.

The blurb talked about fishing the surf from the Haibike Sduro Full Fatsix, an electric bike or an ebike.

Is bicycling even allowed on the beach around here?

Maybe not.

The law for Brigantine, for instance, only allows four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Maybe the author was from a place less populated and therefore with fewer laws.

Another bike that was
jimmy-rigged for fishing.

Still, using a bike for fishing is not unknown.

At some places, including Cape Cod Canal, bicycling is common for anglers.

The Fatsix would be a top-of-the-line bike for fishing.

It sells for $4,800.

If you’re not up on ebikes, the electric motor doesn’t do all the work.

The angler still pedals, but the motor helps.

The author of the blurb said the assist let him pedal in the sand like he was 14 again.

Haibike, a company from Yamaha, is one sophisticated bike builder.

Take a look at the company’s website yourself.

The site wasn’t immediately understandable, without further research, to this writer, who’s more interested in driving the Haibike of trucks, if there is one.

The bike features all kinds of crazy stuff like state-of-the-art suspension.

Would the Fatsix's gears,
chain and other parts stand up
to sand and salt from the beach?

The suspension and other feaures, including the fat tires, create an incredible ride, with superior grip, traction and comfort, one reviewer said.

But anglers might wonder how the fine-looking gears, chain and other parts would hold up in the sand and salt?

Would you hesitate to put a Fatsix through that?

It costs forty-eight one-hundred-dollar bills.

Maybe the bike's not as practical for the surf as the magazine said.

Here’ a product that’s different, at least.

It'd be one mean ride for other fishing.

At press time, the Full Fatsix was yet to be included on Haibike’s website, but a page was posted for the line of bikes that the Fatsix belongs to, the Sduros: click here.