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Hollow Body Mullet

If you’re an East Coast saltwater angler, especially a surf angler, mullet are on your mind.

That’s because the baitfish are about to migrate to the ocean from bays and rivers.

Mullet attract fish including striped bass that forage on the bait when those fish also migrate to the ocean in fall, part of a large migration of species heading south for winter.

Striper anglers, especially along the surf, will match the hatch, fishing lures that imitate mullet.

So it’s notable that LiveTarget is introducing the Hollow Body Mullet lure.

The hollow, rubber body maximizes the chances of hook-up because the body collapses when bitten, exposing the hook, the company says.

The lure, winner of the award for Best Saltwater Soft Lure at this year's International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, comes with a single hook almost buried along the soft body to make the hook weedless.

The convention, commonly called ICAST, is known for introducing the year's new fishing products.

The weedless hook is meant for locations like Florida where the lure can be fished at mangroves or other vegetation or structure like docks for catches like snook and redfish.

A treble hook can be attached to the belly pin for open-water fishing.

In the Northeast, the lure is more likely to be fished in open water, especially the surf.

The lure, available in several versions with different colors and sizes, is a top-water that can be fished in a walk-the-dog action or can be twitched along the surface.

The company already makes a mullet soft bait -- solid, not hollow -- and several hard-bait mullets.

LiveTarget has become known for lifelike imitations and hollow-bodied lures.

That could bode well for the Hollow Body Mullet.

For info, visit LiveTarget’s website.