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Northbar Tackle
Flying Squid

Introduced to the market a couple of years ago, Northbar Tackle's Flying Squid still makes an impression.

When pencil-poppers became the go-to for bluefishing in the Sandy Hook area this spring, one of the fishing
reports made it a point to mention the Northbar.

“It’s awesome,” the report said, from a tackle shop.

The person who gave the report was a surf-fishing sharpie who worked at the store and fished every day, saying he and friends favored the Flying Squid for the blues.
When this pencil popper was introduced, it also made a splash in fishing.

One magazine noted that new lures rarely feature something unique, saying that’s why this plug was exciting.

The Flying Squid features four fins on the front that help stabilize the flight when the plug is cast.

That helps prevent tumbling that can shorten a cast for other lures.

The fins also cause substantially more turbulence when the lure is popped along the water surface.

After all, pencil poppers are all about commotion along the surface, Northbar notes in the company’s literature. 

The company spent two years developing the lure, including flight testing, it says.

We bet the sharpie liked the lure more for the commotion or action than castabilty, but casting helps.

For more info, visit Northbar’s website