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Underwater Drone
You knew somebody would do this.

The company PowerVision is introducing the PowerRay underwater drone for fishing.

It’s a robot you can send into the drink to locate fish to catch.

The drone transmits real-time video back to any Apple or Google mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

It also transmits water temperature, depth and other data.

An optional fish-finder or sonar can be added, and can be detached and used on its own without the drone, too.

A video from the company shows someone casting the fish-finder, the size and shape of of a hand-sized ball, on a fishing rod, attached to fishing line, to water a ways off.

Built for saltwater, freshwater or ice fishing, the drone can dive as deep as 98 feet underwater.

The fish-finder can detect fish up to 131 feet below the drone.

So fish can be read down to almost 230 feet, total.

The robot can transmit data over a distance up to 262 feet.

An optional goggle can be worn for a virtual-reality experience, like seeing underwater first-hand.

While wearing the goggle, tilt your head to make the drone turn left or right or make it dive or ascend.

An optional Remote Bait Drop can deliver hooked bait or a lure to fish.

The drone is supposed to be available for pre-order beginning February 27, and the price was yet to be released at press time.

Maybe you never thought an underwater drone would be introduced for fishing.

In hindsight, at least, you knew it was coming.

Watch a video and read a press release about the PowerRay.

Visit the PowerRay webpage