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Exstream Bootfoot Waders

A beautiful ad for Simms was published in a recent issue of perhaps the best fly-fishing magazine: The Drake.

The two-page spread, on the inside front cover, showed an older, experienced-looking craftsman concentrating on cutting fabric with a set of shears.

“Made by hand. Heart. And Soul,” the ad said.

Different companies have different niches.

For Simms, an outdoor apparel company from Bozeman, Montana, the niche seems to be quality, sparing no expense.

If you buy Simms, you’re going to pay.

The Exstream Bootfoot is one of the company’s latest sets of waders.

I asked the company to put into their own words for me the reasons their products like these are higher quality than products from some other companies.

I’m unsure I got an answer.

But the company described the Bootfoot like this.

The waders feature three layers of Gore-Tex – that’s a waterproof, breathable fabric – in the upper part, and five layers of the fabric in the seat and legs.

Patented seams are meant for an “articulated” fit and maximized comfort and mobility, the company says.

The waders include fleece-lined pockets for frigid hands and various other pockets for different types of storage.

The boots are available with felt or Vibram soles, a type of rubber, and are built to be “ultra-grippy.”

The boots include neoprene lining and fleece to wick moisture.

The waders also feature quite a few other qualities that the company describes.

But how is all of this different from waders from other companies?

That was really my question.

I guess you’re supposed to assume or already know that some of these qualities are different from other waders.

Or if you’re unaware that this is higher quality than others, perhaps the only way to know is to get your hands on a pair and see for yourself.

Here’s something else that suggests the quality: the waders cost $799.95.


But maybe the ad described Simms best.    

Simms waders are the best in the world, it said.

They feature innovative design, cutting-edge materials and tenacious testing, and are made by skilled workers in a painstaking process who pledge allegiance to that every day, the ad said.

In any case, our product reviews only aim to make you aware that products exist, so that you can check them out for yourself if you’re in the market.

To begin, you can visit the Simms webpage for the Exstream Bootfoot waders in the felt-soled version.

Or see the Vibram soles here.

Finally, Simms makes a variety of outdoor apparel like this, and is the choice of professional guides and anglers worldwide, Simms says.

Maybe that also gives an idea about the quality.