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Line Welder

New rods, new reels, new lures, even new fishing line.

All kinds of fishing innovations come out every year.

Here’s even a new way to tie a knot, so to speak.

The Tauten Line Welder shrinks a plastic sleeve around fishing line to form a loop to hold a lure or a hook.

The idea is that a knot is the weakest point in a lure.

Bonding the line with the handheld Tauten does not decrease the line’s strength, the company says.

The battery-operated, rechargeable Line Welder works with 10- to 12-pound monofilament or fluorocarbon and 10- to 50-pound braided line.

The company is reportedly working on a welder that can bond mono to braid.

The loop allows the lure or hook to move freely.

For more info, visit Tauten’s website.