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Glass Bridge

Editor's note: Product reviews on this website are usually about fishing gear, of course.

But here's something different for entertainment: a piece about the latest in bridge design for luxury yachts.

This is a press release from the company, and the writing is somewhat difficult to understand, and that's typical in press releases. But it's understandable enough.

Telemar Redefines the Future of ‘Glass Bridge’ Systems

For Lauderdale International Boat Show, Oct. 31: Marlink Group company Telemar will demonstrate its unique take on the ‘Glass Bridge’ console for luxury vessels at FLIBS 2017, allowing visitors to see the new Telemar Glass Bridge System and experience its innovative ergonomics and touch screen at the Telemar Yachting Americas booth #671 in the Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion.

Integrating a diverse array of essential technology for safe navigation, from Radar and chartplotter to windscreen wipers and horns, Telemar’s Glass Bridge delivers a unified, ultra-modern aesthetic for luxury vessel bridges. Introducing operational advantages by enabling more intuitive, user friendly operation, Telemar’s solution also enables yacht designers the freedom to re-imagine the bridge as a central focus on board and match it with the design needs of the yacht owner.

While enabling more freedom for interior design on board, the primary focus is on safe and secure operations and navigation. Telemar’s Glass Bridge is therefore fully Type Approved, with each custom system undergoing a Factory Acceptance Test attended by the respective class society to ensure its suitability for the intended yacht.

A highly flexible solution, the Telemar Glass Bridge can take any shape or form on board as long as it follows the class guidelines for safe operation. The solution is available in a ‘Lux’ variant, which provides haptic feedback on touch screen controls, notifying the operator that a function has been safely activated, while a new ‘walkaround’ variant enables luxury vessels with smaller helms access to Telemar’s cutting-edge technology.

Only available as a custom delivery and already installed on a variety of luxury vessels worldwide, Telemar’s Glass Bridge takes the contemporary use of touch to the next level by providing responsive access to all essential bridge control and safety systems via a single sheet of high quality glass covering the entire console.

Telemar’s customised approach to Glass Bridge styling goes one step further. Data and control functionality can be selected and accessed through the glass as with traditional touch screens, but the system also facilitates the use of hardware controls installed under or through the control surface. This ensures that essential safety functions, such as the wind screen wipers or horn are always immediately accessible as permanent controls, rather than being found deep within the system’s menu structure.

By taking an overall aesthetic view of the bridge and re-creating it as a single, highly integrated solution, owners, skippers and crew are given a more comfortable, ergonomic space with which to navigate safely and effectively when using the Telemar Glass Bridge.
“Our vision allows yacht designers to consider the bridge as an aspect of the overall style from the very start,” said Andrew Gifford, GM Telemar Yachting US. “The importance of ergonomics and aesthetics cannot be underestimated in the luxury vessel world, but the key here is that our method of seamlessly integrating the various equipment needed on the bridge in a single solution from a single supplier makes our Glass Bridge the safest technology platform for luxury vessel navigation available today.”
For further information, please contact:
Knut Natvig, Marlink
T: +47 48 030 911
About the Marlink Group
Through its ownership of Marlink, Telemar and Palantir, Apax Partners has created a new powerful Group dedicated to providing maritime and enterprise customers with an integrated offering of reliable broadband communications, digital solutions, bridge electronics and flexible service & maintenance.

Combining the power of these expert organisations, the Marlink Group delivers complete connectivity and IT solutions to maritime and enterprise companies globally. It provides an unrivalled portfolio of multi-band communication solutions covering Ku-, Ka-, C- and L-band services extended with mobile and terrestrial links and an industry-unique range of digital solutions. Telemar, as part of the Group, is a recognised supplier for bridge electronics and on-board maintenance services. The Group is completed by Palantir, which specialises in remote IT management solutions and IT services on board.

The expertise of the Marlink Group, combined with its strong satellite network operator and manufacturer partnerships as well as IT network expertise, enables it to bring the power of broadband communications, bridge and electronics technology and service excellence to customers globally, providing tailored connectivity solutions that enable both maritime and enterprise customers globally to digitalise their operations at sea and on land.

Today the Marlink Group has more than 800 employees worldwide and provides customers with unrivalled service and support through an enhanced global footprint and worldwide sales and service locations. A global 24/7 helpdesk, specialised competence centres, local presence on all continents and a network of 1250 service points and partners staffed by highly qualified, certified service engineers, supports global customers to operate their business in an ever smarter, safer and more profitable way. The Group is led by Erik Ceuppens as CEO.