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A few of the tip-ups from the company:

Pro Thermal Insulated Round Tip-Up

This is the “original insulated tip-up,” Frabill says.

It’s also the best tip-up, Frabill adds!

A thick, plastic, 10-inch round cover is meant to cover the entire hole to prevent freeze-up, even at minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit, the company says.

The cover also seals the hole to keep out snow, and also to keep out unnatural light that can spook fish.

The plastic is a high-impact polymer that’s stick-proof on frozen surfaces, and the design allows for easy stowing, including stacking in a 5- to 6-gallon bucket.

The flag extends to 20 inches, and that’s 8 inches higher than traditional flag heights.

The spool shaft is removable for ease of cleaning and re-lubing.

This is a shaft-in-shaft design that allows re-lubing, and the tip-up comes pre-lubed with Sub-Zero lubricant for smooth operation in the coldest weather, Frabill says.

A dual trip setting can be set for heavier or lighter tension.

The Pro Thermal comes ready to fish, including with line, a depth finder, a line marker and a Lil' Shiner Light that can be attached to the flag.

The price is $39.99.

Dawg Bone
The Dawg Bone features a compact design for improved storage.

Made to fit a 10-inch hole, this tip-up is made from a rugged, lightweight plastic.

The spool shaft is removable for cleaning and re-lubing, and, like on the Pro Thermal Tip-Up, is a shaft-in-shaft design for re-lubing.

The Dawg Bone's is an Ultra Glide shaft for friction-free performance.

Like the Pro Thermal, the Dawg Bone comes with a dual trip setting and pre-lubing with the Sub-Zero lube.

The price is $12.99.

Classic Wood Tip-Up

This is the traditional tip-up design, of course.

A large-capacity metal spool features two knobs for cranking that are counter-balanced and meant for wobble-free performance.

The flag shaft is 17 ½ inches, higher than usual, including to help the bright-orange flag be seen from a distance.

This tip-up can be the go-to in poor visibility, including while snow is falling or in deep snow.

The spool shaft is removable for cleaning and re-lubing.

Like the tip-ups above, this tip-up features dual trip settings and comes pre-lubed with Sub-Zero Lube.

The cost is $34.99.

Arctic Fire Rail Tip-Up

The plastic base can be more durable than wood, and the design of the base, essentially two rails, can be easier to remove from snow and ice.

This tip-up comes in orange or a bright yellow for visibility.

This tip-up also features a 17-1/2-inch flag shaft that can work well during poor visibility.

A 19-inch ruler is molded in.

The spool shaft is removable for cleaning and re-lubing, and the Fire Rail, like the above tip-ups, also features dual trip settings and comes pre-lubed with Sub-Zero lube.

The above link to the Fire Rail’s webpage is to the orange version, and at press time that page, where the price would usually be written, said this tip-up was available for sale at the Frabill store.

But a page for the yellow version is also available on the site and says the price is $22.99.

For more info, including to see the rest of Frabill’s tip-ups, visit the Frabill website.

Also, see an article about Frabill's Top 10 Do's and Don't's for ice fishing that features some of the tip-ups in this product review.