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Through-the-Head Jigs
For Ice Fishing

In ice-fishing for panfish, through-the-head jigs are one of the biggest, coming trends, the company Your Bobbers Down says.

Instead of a traditional eyelet to tie on the line, these jigs feature a hole through the head.

Your Bobbers Down sells several through-the-head jigs from the company Fiskas, including the one in the photo, named the Fiskas Metallic Jig.

Don’t let the photo make you think the jig is anything less than tiny.

It’s smaller than a dime, a typical size for panfish.

To tie on the jigs, a Marka knot is used.

A potentially additional advantage to the knot is that Marka snells the hook near the head, and that snell can hold soft-plastic baits in place.

Impale and slide the bait up the hook shank and over the snell, and the soft plastic grabs the uneven surface of the snell.

Through-the-head jigs can be a stable way to keep the jig horizontal.

Visit the Your Bobbers Down webpage for metallic jigs to see several of the Fiska through-the-head ones.

Look through the Your Bobbers Down website for a great variety of different ice-fishing jigs, too.