Mon., Sept. 27, 2021
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Email: Captain Art Inshore
The sea bass bite is red hot now got the boat ready for fluke and then took a short afternooner for sea bass. On the way to the grounds saw strippers breaking on a bunker pod and out came the top water caught 4 with a nice spawned out 38 on the Boga got a limit of knuckleheads in no time. I'll l eat you know how the fluking goes I personally think that the water is a little cold . Good luck tight lines and be safe
Sat May 22 2021  
Email: Captain Art Inshore
Yesterday was excellent for bass both striped and sea limited out by 9:45 am got into some birds working the rip for 4+ blues on metal Saw a nice double header on a umbrella rig looked to be large slot fish lots of the head boats gearing up for fluke on Saturday after checking the log book I'm waiting a week until the water warms up still sticking with the strippers heading to round shoal with clams oops forget I said that. Good luck fishing
Thu May 20 2021  
Email: Captain Art Inshore
Took a short sea bass trip yesterday morning limited out with knuckleheads saw bunkers breaking and out came the krocs 3 legal strippers was the result of that . Taking the (fish hawk) wife on the boat tomorrow getting a early start to see if any stripers are awake. Most of the head boats gave up on the striped bass I think they are worried that not many want to fish for them it's all about $$$ for the head boats. Good luck fishing.
Tue May 18 2021  
Email: Captain Art Inshore
Just a few tips and or suggestions for those who fish the head or charter boats. Make sure that you bring ice even though it's not really hot out yet fish can spoil very quickly when I ran a head boat I witnessed it first hand what a waste. Go to the fresh fish counter at the store all fish are on ice. Bring a medium action boat rod capable of 6 to 8 ounce sinkers makes it easier to control Fish leave the spinning poles at the trout stream too many fish lost with them not to mention the guys either side getting pissed off when you tangle with them Lastly remember that everyone on the boat pays the same fare to fish your not special. Leave the booze at the parking You don't party on a party boat.
Mon May 17 2021  
Email: Captain Art Inshore
Took the wife to the navy pier last evening started out slow with a couple of blues then the striped bass began caught 8 4 were keepers all set back to swim good thing I built that 40 inch diameter hoop net as the last fish measured 41 inches not to worry as it's 38 inches deep. People down aways caught a 31 lb. black drum they were calling for a net so off to the rescue for me. Sometime years back we had Al Ristori with us on the pier and my wife caught a 40lb. Black drum
Mon May 17 2021  
Email: Captain Art Inshore
The knuckleheads cooperated at the rocks 2 to 3 pounds got the stretch 20 and 25 outs and boated 7 linesiders 3 were keepers 2 were over size all were released saw a whale in the bay hopefully it cleaned out some of the menhaden tons of googans out today saw one guy using a high low rig for bluefish hope he didn't get two on at once. Great weather coming enjoy if you want fish get out at daybreak.
Sun May 16 2021  
Email: Captain Art Inshore
Steaming to shrewsbury rocks in search of knuckleheads. Yesterday was good linesiders to 30 lbs. on menhaden gator yellow eyes to 14 lbs. weather was perfect looks like a great week shaping up weather wise hoping the fish cooperate. Taking the wife out on the navy pier to fish on Sunday ( I have a pass) and it's great fishing the navy personnel always give a honest report at the last check point. That's where my wife got a 47.5 lb. bass last year her personal best.
Sat May 15 2021  
Email: Captain Art Inshore
Had a bonus day on the ANET out of Atlantic Highlands Harbor the striped bass were thick and fresh bait was the ticket to filling the box. Got into the blue fish with Krocs and it was non stop slaughter nice big filets for mt friends from south of the border left everything biting after lunch and headed to the filet table.
Fri May 14 2021  

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