Fri., May 26, 2017
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Email: john Inshore
grassy sound marina 120 in blue 2 undersise strippers 1 17.5 fluke good day
Fri May 19 2017  
Email: Lucas Inshore
slayed the gators lastnight non stop action for 2 hours starting around 11. All caught on Sp minnows fish were anywhere from 8-12lbs near raritan bay
Thu May 18 2017  
Email: Chris Inshore
Trolled Rap-X through between the channels 4:30 to about 7:30. Bait everywhere but only medium size blues were biting maybe 10. Towards the south gave better action.
Wed May 17 2017  
Email: Roman Inshore
1 big blue 1 small - lost 1 big donotknowwhaShewas ----&los a stripe bass maybea keepherlasnite DaiwaSPslures.DO/ACsurf----- Man!!
Sat May 13 2017  
Email: Albert Freshwater
Fished the Delaware River North of Phillipsburg..Caught 9 ch catfish on crawlers .They were from 1 1/2 pounds to a 8 pound 28 incher...Next day 3 3 pounders..They seem to be stacked up in the Eddie!
Thu May 11 2017  
Email: Chris Inshore
A lot of action on blues at the shark river inlet 2 hours before slack. Bunker chunks landing 8 to 12lbs+.
Wed May 10 2017  
Email: Leonard Burkhardt Surf
Any one catch from Raritan Bay's shore stripers blues
Mon May 08 2017  
Email: Roman Inshore
i meant fished surf again yestrdy
Sun May 07 2017  
Email: Roman Inshore
Fish back at AC yest yesterday. hi tide too meany weed in s.east wind
Sun May 07 2017  
Email: Matt Faris Surf
You should go to Brigantine -
Sun May 07 2017  
Email: Michael Verdi Surf
I've been fishing manasquan inlet-Seaside Park. ng. I keep hearing about blues.
Sat May 06 2017  
Email: Roman Inshore
Atlntc Cty surf yest 2 blues t jetty SP minnow hi- tideroughC'sthey there DO/AC !!:)
Sat May 06 2017  
Email: Abraham Inshore
We been wrecking the stripers on the low to high tide in the afternoon -evening. all along the Staten Island side and great kills bud light. Close to shore and around the bud light also. Catching them on shads large and small and mojo trolling were unstoppable. Catch and re lease as many as you want. Tons of bait in the water.
Mon Apr 24 2017  
Email: Zeke Inshore
Went out for Stripers this morning 4/15. Started out in a fleet off of Staten Island. Marked fish but slow going trolling. Finally anchored up and started clamming. Had a few hits and caught one fish 1/4 in undersized. Back to trolling again a few hits but no fish. finally gave it up.
Sat Apr 15 2017  
Email: Nick Freshwater
Have been to Round Valley Reservoir the past two weekends (2/19 and 2/25). Fished from shore for rainbow trout but didn't catch anything both times. Didn't see anybody else with lucky from shore either, at least when I was there. Conditions were more difficult on 2/25 with the wind kicking up in the mid/late AM.
Mon Feb 27 2017  
Email: TomC Inshore
Great day in shore. 2.5 miles off Atlantic City and few miles South. School of at least 1000 Striped Bass! 42 inches all day
Fri Dec 02 2016  
Email: Geoege Govlick Surf
11/25 I fished Seabright for bass from 2hrs before to 2hrs after high tide which was 5:00pm. 3 skates on clams & a dogfish on a live eel that had me fooled. (hit like a short bass) 1 - 26' short on a plug under a dark almost new moon sky. Was fun! Peanuts just off the beach and saw a few swirling in tight...
Thu Dec 01 2016  
Email: Jeremy Inshore
Looks as if 2 fluke @ 19' could become a reality in which case I and many other fluke anglers from PA will do more big D smallmouth fishing which is getting tougher only because of the actual decline in population over the last decade
Wed Nov 30 2016  
Email: Thomas Puzino Surf
Friday Nov 25th. Arrived at Sandy Hook Fishing Beach around 12:30PM Started casting plugs and working my way north. Came upon a large school of Peanut Bunker in close to the beach. Switched to 6" Swim Shad. Began slow retrieve under the Bunker School. After about 20 minutes some bass began to show and bust up the bunker. I landed and released a 25 inch short. About ten minutes later I landed a 29 inch keeper. I'm sure I could've landed more had I stuck around, but I caught one for the dinner table and thought I'd stop harassing them for the day! Bottom Line... Find Bait, Stay with them and wait for the bass to show.
Sun Nov 27 2016  

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