Tue., Aug. 20, 2019
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Email: Zeke Inshore
Went out today 7/4/19. Caught tons of fish but no keepers. We caught skates, robins, doggies and undersized fluke until we ran out of bait. No keepers.
Thu Jul 04 2019  
Email: zeke Inshore
We went out in Raritan Bay on Saturday June 8th. The bay was very rough and got worse as the day went on. Nothing biting. Nothing even showing up on the fish finder. Still better than a day at work.
Sat Jun 15 2019  
Email: Tommy Inshore
Went out sat , 1 striper, wind made it bad went in back bay got couple keeper fluke. Great Bay Area. Good luck this season
Tue May 28 2019  
Email: Pop PoP Maher Inshore
Launched our boat Saturday in Ocean City, NJ. Took a cruise looking for birds,blues and weakies. Only fished for an hour but had not bites, no fish, no action whatsoever. Cold day, cold water and cold fishing.
Tue May 07 2019  
Email: Eddy Rocks Freshwater
I Fish the Dealaware River in the far Northern Section. Last week with friend 4/7/19 Caught to large Rainbow Trout and one 2.5 lb Smallie. This Sunday 4/14/19 Caught Large 4+ Lb Shad and one Smallie. River was inundated with green slime.
Mon Apr 15 2019  
Email: Carl Oliveira Offshore
Went fishing, caught a cold....just for laughs folks....enjoy the 2019 fishing season folks.....
Thu Mar 28 2019  
Email: robert rodriguez Inshore
were is the blue
Sun Mar 17 2019  
Email: robert rodriguez Inshore
are we going to see blue fish dam
Sun Mar 10 2019  
Email: robert rodriguez Inshore
were are the blue fish
Sun Mar 10 2019  
Email: robert rodriguez Inshore
Sun Mar 10 2019  

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