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2017 Freshwater Digest Available

JCAA: Action Alert for Fluke

Public Comment
Invited on Fluke Management
At Meeting Jan. 5 in Galloway

N.J. Fish and Wildlife
Releases Annual Report
For Fiscal Year 2016

ASMFC to Meet
Jan. 30-Feb. 2 in Alexandria

MAFMC Concludes
December Meeting

JCAA: Much Tougher
Fluke Regs Expected

To Remove Commercial Traps
From Ocean Reefs

Tuna Permits Available for 2017

Fluke Decision Pending


Proposed Fluke Cut
Seen as Threatening
N.J. Fishing Businesses

MAFMC To Gather Dec. 12-15
In Baltimore

Triggerfish Breaks N.J. Record

Winter Trout Stocking Schedule

Winter Trout Stocking Set for Nov. 21-22


Fall Trout Stocking Completed;
Winter Stocking Coming 

MAFMC to Hold Public Hearings Nov. 15-17
To Consider Banning Commercial Trapping
At All N.J. Reefs

MAFMC Wraps Up October Meeting,
Including Considering Banning
Commercial Trapping at N.J. Reefs

Striper Bonus Tag
Application Deadline Oct. 31

Free Fishing Day Oct. 15

Fall Trout Stocking Kicks Off

Trout Stocking Schedule


Fall Trout Stocking Is Coming

75th Annual Meeting
Oct. 23-27 at Bar Harbor

Oct. 4-6 at Galloway

Striper Bonus Program Opens


MAFMC Concludes Summer Meeting

MAFMC's Further Explanation
About Fluke Reduction

30-Percent Reduction Approved
For Fluke Quota

How Does NOAA Allocate Quotas?

Funding Is Restored, and Building
Of N.J. Artificial Reefs Resumes

Beach-Buggy Access Reopened
At Southern Island Beach State Park

Heaviest Fluke
Weighs 10 Pounds
In JCAA Tournament

Trophy Bluefin Tuna Fishery

ASMFC Wraps Up Summer Meeting

ASMFC Board Accepts
Regional Assessment for Tautog

Enjoy Wild Outdoor Expo
At Colliers Mills Sept. 10-11


MAFMC to Gather
Aug. 8-11 at Virginia Beach

ASMFC: New Findings Might Force
Regs Changes
For Sea Bass and Bluefish

Survey: Cold and Snow Diminished
Participation and Catches
On Opening Day of Trout Season


Piping Plovers Force
Southern Island Beach State Park
To Be Closed to Beach Buggies

MAFMC Wraps Up June Meeting

Kids: Register for Cold Water
Conservation School

Striper Bonus Permits Available for Fall

Musconetcong River's Hughesville Dam
To Be Removed

Interim Blueline Tilefish Regs
Are the Same as Previously

N.J. Div. of Fish and Wildlife:
Taking This Survey Could Increase
Saltwater Fishing Opportunities

ASMFC To Meet Aug. 2-5
In Alexandria

Report Bluefin Tuna Catches
Within 24 Hours

Fish for Free June 11 and Oct. 15

N.J. Div. of Fish and Wildlife:
Spring Stocking's Finished
But Great Trout Fishing Continues


June 13-16 at Newark, Del.

ASMFC Concludes Spring Meeting

Fluke and Sea Bass Seasons,
Set to Open
, Feature New Regs

43-1/2-Inch Striper
Wins Governor's Surf Tourn
Bluefish Blitz the Event

Pike, Walleyes and Muskies
Get Trapped for Brood Stock

Extra Trout Stocked

Striper Bonus Tags To Be Available for Autumn

Weakfish Depleted But Not Overfished

Weakfish Stock Assessment

Public Comment
Is Sought About
Unmanaged Forage Species


Regional Saltwater Fishing Plans

2016 Saltwater Regs
Posted Online

Blueline Tilefish
Bag Limit and Season
To Be Introduced Locally

MAFMC Wraps Up April Meeting

NOAA Annual Report:
U.S. Fish Stocks Continue to Rebuild

Bluefin Tuna Regs Adjusted

Little Egg and Sea Girt Reefs Get Surveyed  

Pequest Hatchery
Is Opened on Weekends 

Trout Season Kicks Off

Trout Stocking Schedule

Benthic Habitats Critical
To Marine Fish


MAFMC to Meet
April 11-14 in Montauk

About 6,800 Bluefin Tuna
Harvested in 2015 in U.S.

They're Here!
Shad Migration
Scoots Up Delaware River

Additional Landlocked Salmon Stocked

Public Invited to Comment on
Blueline Tilefish Management

ASMFC Spring Meeting
Set for May 2-5 in Alexandria

Bluefin Tuna Spawning
Potentially Discovered
Off Northeast Coast

Teens Invited
To Sedge Island
Educational Programs

National Marine Sanctuary Proposed
For Sandy Hook Bay

Freshwater Digest Available Online

Buddy License Newly Available for Freshwater

Striper Bonus Tags
To Be Available Later This Year

N.J. Decides Fluke and Sea Bass Regs

2015 Annual
Delaware Bay Survey Results

Round Valley Reservoir
Boat Ramp To Be Improved


Regs for Fluke,
Sea Bass and Striped Bass
Potentially to be Decided
March 3 in Galloway

NOAA Contracts
Independent Experts
To Review MRIP

MAFMC Winds Up
February Meeting

N.J. Division of Fish & Wildlife:
Got Winter Doldrums?
Fish for Cod at Artiificial Reefs

Save $: Register Early
For Governor's Surf Tourn

You're Invited:
Freshwater Fisheries Forum
Feb. 20 at Batsto

ASMFC Approves
17-Inch, 4-Flounder Limit
For Delaware Bay

MAFMC to Meet
Feb. 9-11 at New Bern, N.C.

2016 N.J. Freshwater Fishing Digest Is Delayed

Skillful Angler Awards Announced


Participate in
The Sedge Island Summer Programs

ASMFC Winter Meeting
Set for Feb. 2-4 in Alexandria

Take the Freshwater Fishing Survey

Freshwater Fisheries Forum
Jan. 30 at Hackettstown Hatchery

Learn About the Great White Shark

Fluke, Scup and Sea Bass
Quotas Set

December Meeting

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